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Friday, July 03, 2020

Nick Gould and Friends: Livestream - July 3

Nick Gould (tenor sax); David Midas (guitar); Ray Leonard (bass guitar); Kevin Dorrian (drums).

A wee gem from Edinburgh with Nick Gould and his trusty henchmen blowing away the cobwebs* in the hallway of  Nick's pad. I'm not sure if this is classed as a JazzMain or a Nick Gould Quartet livestream. In the end, I opted for  ... and Friends.

Five tunes delivered on time. Misty not the dreamy ballad version but a jaunty shuffle - maybe a quickstep tempo - take your partners please.

It worked although I hoped they weren't going to do the same with Body and Soul. Of course they weren't! The Johnny Green classic was treated with due reverence Nick's sound doing justice to the mood, David Midas delighting us, just as he has done on his occasional visits to Newcastle with Nick, and Kevin and Sugar Ray holding it all together.

Joyspring upped the tempo before a tribute to the late Johnny Mandel with a tune that was unfamiliar to me, Cinnamon and Clove. Nick said that they hadn't played it before so wall to wall manuscript paper was needed. No problem they did Johnny Mandel and themselves proud.

To finish off with - Anthropology. Like wow!

* A figure of speech, there weren't any cobwebs in this des res!

1 comment :

Nick Gould said...

Hi Lance, thanks so much for the review. I have started doing a few sessions from the hallway with various friends and it has been fun although nothing like a live gig.

I hope everyone is doing well down your way, I am looking forward to a long overdue Tuesday night in Newcastle.

Best Nick

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