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Bar Manager Required

The Jazz Co-op are looking for an experienced bar manager who can be available to start when The Globe reopens in May.

Preference will be given to a suitably qualified person who lives relatively near to The Globe, 11 Railway St., Newcastle NE4 7AD.

Interested parties please follow this link.

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April 29: Vieux Carré Jazzmen are back at The Holystone.

May 20 Maine Street Jazzmen are back at Sunniside Social Club.
May 23: Vieux Carré Hot Four are back at The Spanish City.

June 2: Vieux Carré Jazzmen are back at Cullercoats Crescent Club.
June 7: Jazz in the Afternoon are back at Cullercoats Crescent Club.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Bratislava Hot Serenaders live streaming from somewhere in Slovakia - April 11

(Screenshot by Russell)
If you've heard the New Century Ragtime Orchestra you'll have some idea of what the Bratislava Hot Serenaders are about. Penguin suits, slicked back hair styles, back in the day they could have been pressed into entertaining the Gestapo, there again, they could have been the Gestapo! A more generous interpretation, they could have been entertaining F. Scott Fitzgerald and his high society chums at a swanky do. Better still, imagine them as underground resistance heroes. The Bratislavas could be thought of as musical archeologists or archivists, preserving and/or reviving the repertoire. And nothing wrong with that, after all, several generations of musicians continue to mine the bop cannon, and more recently, seventies' jazz-rock has seen something of a resurgence of interest.       

Album review: Ian Charleton Big Band - A Fresh Perspective

Some nice Basie-like sounds on the opening two tracks, both originals by the leader as is the title track, a romp in 6/4 time that has wailing soprano by Garcia, lyrical flugel by Kerry Moffit and all driven along by Habib's drumming.

Vocalist Emily Charleton just happens to be married to the leader but I'm sure she'd have got the gig anyway judging by her earthy rendition of Rogers and Hart's Everything I've Got - that Larry Hart could sure pen a lyric!

Ten underrated jazz musicians by Mike Farmer - Part Two.

5. Marion Brown (1931-2010 ). A very interesting alto sax player and composer who in the sixties played alongside members of the avant-guarde and loft scene. He had a piercing sound on alto which was well captured on the album Porto Rico which had Han Bennick on board. I  no longer have this LP which I think was on the Fontana label but I still have his tribute LP to his friend Archie Shepp Three for Shepp on Impulse which is a good example of his composing skills. I saw him at a jam session in a small room during the North Sea Jazz Festival  and I took a photo which I have hanging on my kitchen wall!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ten underrated jazz musicians by Mike Farmer - Part One.

1. Sonny Red (1932-1981). Somewhat overshadowed by his fellow alto players Sonny Stitt and Sonny Criss he made some fine records under his own name and as a sideman. He spent his early days in Detroit playing with Barry Harris, Donald Byrd and other musicians who were influenced by the great Charlie Parker. Check out his work on Jazzland LP A Story Tale in which he is  joined by Clifford Jordan on tenor. Red’s was born Sylvester Kyner Jnr and died too young age 48.

Sunday Night Jazz @ The Globe: Mark Williams Makeshift Trio - April 11

(Screenshot by Debra Milne)
Mark Williams (guitar); Paul Grainger (bass); Russ Morgan (drums)

Anyone who felt short-changed that Alice Grace couldn't make it were soon saying "Alice who?" when Mark opened up with Monk's Let's Cool it, a tune that, to my ears, sounded remarkably like the composer's Nica's Dream. Alice, from her sickbed, commented on how good the band sounded.

Ya Like Jazz? Ella and Friends - April 11

(Screenshot by Russell)
Ella Hohnen-Ford (vocals); Miles Mindlin (guitar); Noah Stoneman (piano); Will Sach (double bass)

When You Wish Upon a Star opened Ella's weekly Sunday evening live stream. Familiar faces joined the recent Royal Academy of Music graduate, pianist Noah Stoneman, heard on many a Kansas Smitty's session, likewise bassist Will Sach, together with a new name, Miles Mindlin playing guitar, yet another  RAM student who has already gigged at Ronnie's and the Soho Pizza Express and he occupies the guitar chair in NYJO. 

The One Year Anniversary Sunday Service with Adrian Cox - April 11

(Screenshot by Russell)
Adrian Cox (clarinet, vocals)

An inauspicious start. A matter of seconds in, Facebook went on the blink. Seventy five online punters waited patiently as Preacher Cox attended to a technical glitch. At eight minutes past one our host reappeared. Fingers crossed there would be no further hiccups. A new tune, new in that Cox hadn't played it during a year's worth of lockdown live streams, I Double Dare You came across crystal clear, resonant clarinet and vocals direct from our host's apartment out in Bulgaria. Mid-tune, some nineteen minutes into the stream we got the now familiar Live video interrupted. It was going to be one of those days! 

The Ray Gallon Trio live streaming from Small's, NYC - April 10

(Screenshot by Russell)
Ray Gallon (piano); David Wong (double bass); Kenny Washington (drums)

Ray Gallon has been working on the New York jazz scene for more than thirty years, yet it is only now that he has recorded an album of his own. This evening at Spike Wilner's place, our born and bred New Yorker was joined by two of his favourite musicians (two of my favourite people, said our pianist), fellow New Yorkers, David Wong playing bass and revered drummer Kenny Washington. 

Kansas Smitty's Main Man plays Sidney Bechet - April 10

(Screenshot by Ken Drew)
The Main Man is back in harness. An unscheduled, extended visit to his home town in America kept Giacomo Smith out of Kansas Smitty's spotlight for longer than he anticipated. Tonight's session focused on the music of Sidney Bechet with particular reference to the legendary musician's Paris sojourn. An inventive, additional aspect to this evening's live stream was an imagining of Bechet meeting Django Reinhardt. The two icons were living in the French capital at the same time but never recorded together and perhaps never met one another.  

Aycliffe Radio Jazz Time

Playlist  11/04/21 (6:30pm - 8:00pm)

Mostly Requests from listeners this week:

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band; Stan Kenton; Lindsay Hannon Plus; Carmen Sings Monk; Thelonius Monk; Mingus Big Band93; Buddy Rich Big Band; Stacey Kent.

New Releases: Perfect Circle; Jack Brandfield.

Leon Redbone; Count Basie Orchestra featuring: Sonny Cohn; Last Week's missed ending - Ella Fitzgerald; John Coltrane.


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Paul Moran: 'Smokin' B3' livestream from 606 w. Special guest Jo Harrop - April 10

(Collage by Lance)
Paul Moran (B3); Jim Mullen (guitar); Mez Clough (drums) + Jo Harrop (vocals).

Difficult to be objective when you've been a fan of three of the four players for a varying number of years - next time round it will be four out of four as this was the first time I'd heard Clough and he slotted in easily.

The B3 can be a lethal beast in the wrong hands (and feet) and I've heard some great pianists fall flat on their bass (pedals) unable to adapt to the vastly different technique required.

Joe Webb live streaming with Ella Hohnen-Ford - April 10

(Screenshot by Russell)
Joe Webb (piano); Ella Hohnen-Ford (vocals)

Ella sang You're Sensational. She was and is, sensational, that is. That could be the review, end of. You're thinking: I know Ella Fitzgerald was sensational. Ah, but this Ella is Ms Ella Hohnen-Ford. One word...sensational! A 2020 Royal Academy of Music graduate, Hohnen-Ford sings like a dream. In her early twenties, just imagine how good Ella will be in, say, five, ten years time. Oh, yes, this afternoon's set was of course, Joe Webb's! Sorry Joe, Ella's canny good, isn't she?! 

Change of programme at The Globe tomorrow night.

Unfortunately, Alice Grace is unwell and will not be live-streaming from The Globe tomorrow night. Instead the Mark Williams Trio will step into the breech.

We wish Alice well and look forward to hearing her again soon.



Sonny Simmons (1933 - April 6, 2021)

(Photo by Lance)
It's Sunday May 10, 2010 and in the upstairs room of the Bridge Hotel in Newcastle the Jazz North East team are smiling - the room is so full they're having to find extra seats, " Could you move along please? Well perhaps if you sat on the lady's knee..."

The late comers had to be content to stand at the top of the stairs, some didn't even make it that far!

The reason for all this activity? Multi-reedsman Sonny Simmons was about to give a concert and the word was out from those who had caught him at the same venue a couple of years earlier that it would be unmissable - and it was.

Alas, no more. Huey 'Sonny' Simmons passed away on Tuesday (April 6) aged 87.

May he Rest In Peace.


Pete Malinverni Trio live streaming from Small's, NYC - April 9

(Screenshot by Russell)
Pete Malinverni (piano); Ugonna Okegwo (bass); Jeff Hamilton (drums) 

Friday night at 183 West 10th Street with another fine pianist, Pete Malinverni, entertaining Small's online gathering. The hour would include several Leonard Bernstein numbers, original compositions and a tip of the hat to two of the towering figures in jazz. 

Friday, April 09, 2021

Album review: Zoë Gilby - Aurora

(Cover photo by Ken Drew)
Zoë Gilby (voice/lyrics); Noel Dennis (trumpet/flugel); Mark Williams (guitar); Andy Champion (bass); Russ Morgan (drums).

When Noel Dennis introduced Zoë Gilby to Tom Harrell's music she was so taken by the melodic lines that it inspired her to write some lyrics. This became a project that eventually led to well-received performances at jazz clubs and festivals and the inevitable request, "When's the CD being released?"

That question will be resolved on Friday April 16 via a livestream launch from Gosforth Civic Theatre.*

More of Rico's Best of Popup Louis - April 9

(Screenshot by Russell)
Akin to BBC speak - ie 'another chance to hear' = a repeat - Rico Tomasso, for a second week,  revisited some of the many accompanists who've helped out on these Friday night live streams over the last year. A couple of piano players for starters, Italian Luca Filastro followed by Nick Dawson, accompanying respectively, on I Double Dare You and Relaxin' at the Touro. Guitarist John Kelly (he appeared in Newcastle playing trombone and guitar with Frog and Henry), contributed an excellent solo on Memories of You with Rico playing flugelhorn and singing. 

The Vieux Carré Jazzmen - Gig news

THE VIEUX CARRÉ JAZZMEN will resume their weekly sessions on the following dates:

The Holystone Pub & Restaurant - 0191 266 6173
Thursday 29 April, 1.00 - 3.00pm
This session will be outdoors in the Beer Garden and will, of course, be weather dependent
The Spanish City - 0191 691 7090
Sunday 23 May, 12.00 - 3.00pm
Cullercoats Crescent Club - 0191 297 0279
Wednesday 2 June, 1.00 - 3.00pm
NB. Government guidelines will apply. However, restrictions have changed since pubs were last open so check with the venue regarding the rules - essentially social distancing and wearing of face masks when not seated.
Brian Bennett

Night and Day, Paul is the one - April 9

(Screenshot by Russell)
Paul Ruddick can often be found busking at Monument in Newcastle. 

Our Baghdaddies' alto sax man was there today, braving the April hail showers as he played Night and Day (and a whole lot more). Russell

Saturday @ the 606

(Press release)
Saturday 10 April 
"..the B3er-horn man still knows how to work a groove....Moran hums on the Leslie amps and Price glides with cool strings...a juke joint that jumps" Jazz Weekly; "Moran's accompaniment throughout was just right....and his keyboard playing shined" Downbeat.

Michela Marino Lerman dancing the night away at Small's, NYC - April 8

(Screenshot by Russell)
Michela Marino Lerman (tap dance); Mathis Picard (piano); Russell Hall (double bass).

It isn't every day BSH reviews a tap dance performance. In fact, has there ever been such a day? A tap board, piano and double bass occupied Small's 'small' space. Having toured the world, including a stint in London's West End, dancer, choreographer and educator Michela Marino Lerman returned to one of her favourite venues to present a one hour set of tap in the company of pianist Mathis Picard and bassist Russell Hall. 

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Lockdown session from Ronnie Scott's with W3 - April 8

(Screenshot by Ken Drew)
Ed Mitchell (tenor sax); Chris Wintermeyer (trumpet); Chris Webster (trombone); Karme Caruso (keys); Tom Gledhill (guitar); Diego Rodriguez (bass guitar); Luke Harris (drums); Joao Caetano (perc.)

This was a bit like a Friday night at Hoochie Coochie used to be back in the day although, without copious amounts of London Pride it wasn't quite the same! How ya doin' Warren? hope to catch up soon.

Deep in the heart of Soho, a band billed as W3 were strutting their brand of soul, funk, ska, rock, hip-hop and a bit of thinly disguised jazz. There were a few originals but, on the whole, it was mainly covers.

Brass onTap with Georgina Jackson - April 8

(Screenshot by Russell)
Episode 22 of Brass on Tap. Ben Beavis chatting to vocalist-trumpeter Georgina Jackson interspersed with some video of in concert performances. A simple concept and, for the most part, it worked. It worked that is, if you can forgive the frailties of Facebook. 

Introducing Georgina, Ben played a few minutes of our vocalist-trumpeter backed by a terrific big band performing What a Wonderful World. Lots of chat, the audio not great, online comments included observations from Freddie Gavita and Mike Lovatt. Cue footage of Georgina holding her own with Arturo Sandoval playing Stardust.

Album review: Steven Feifke Big Band - Kinetic

A humdinger of a swinger featuring some of NYC's finest which, in effect, means the world's finest!

It may have been Feifke's first album as a big band leader but he's described on the blurb as "One of the most in-demand artists of his generation" and on the strength of this album it's easy to see why. Pianist, composer arranger absolutely the tops.

The band too is up there and so it should be. This is no hastily assembled ensemble put together by a succession of emails, texts, phone calls and carrier pigeons but a unit that played a monthly residency for almost two years at The Django down in the depths of the Roxy Hotel in Lower Manhattan. The pandemic put a stop to bands of this size operating in the small, almost cave-like room. Nevertheless, hopefully, they will return.

Midweek at Small's

Tim Armacost-Gabrielle Stravelli Quintet - April 6

(Screenshot by Russell)
Tim Armacost (tenor sax); Gabrielle Stravelli (vocals); Art Hirahara (piano); Pat O'Leary (double bass); Eric Halvorson (drums) 

A set of songs comprising original numbers and arrangements of familiar jazz and pop material, Ms Stravelli penning lyrics to songs with her songwriting partner Jason Robinson. For the most part Armacost's tenor didn't get out of second gear, this was to be a supporting role for the man who has worked with Kenny Barron, Roy Hargrove and in the big bands of Maria Schneider and David Murray, to name just a few. 

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Album Review: Lovesome Thing – Anaïs Reno sings Ellington & Strayhorn

Anaïs Reno (vocals); Emmet Cohen (piano, leader, arranger); Russell Hall (bass); Kyle Poole (drums); + on some tracks Tivon Pennicott (saxophone);
Juliet Kurtzman (violin)

Here is a woman singer who stands out from the rest. Ms Reno recorded this album last year at the age of just 16, her debut CD, which is a tribute to the music of Ellington and Strayhorn. A very brave venture, considering that those composers are iconic and their songs have been covered by just about every other singer in the world! Our singer wanted to do this music, stating that she felt an affinity with the composers.

Live at Jack's Place #10 - April 7

(Screenshot by Lance)
Jack Cotterill (drums); Jamie Brownfield (trumpet); Fraser Urquhart (keys); Ed Harrison (bass); Georgia Cécile (vocals).

Okay, let's get the negatives out of the way first. The sound balance was poor, particularly on the keyboard, and Ms Cécile's announcements weren't very clear. Also, initially, there was a lot of buffering which, on Facebook, is not unusual, although it did lessen as the show progressed and, finally, the picture which was as sharp as a tack during the early stages was, later, either out of focus or else I need to go to Specsavers. 

However, despite all that, it was still as good a way as any to spend a lockdown Wednesday evening.

Ten great north east jazz musicians. 10 - Jackie Armstrong

Jackie Armstrong (1920 - 2005). The Consett born trombonist slipped off my radar for the simple reason that I hadn't realised he'd been born in County Durham plus, he hadn't been included in John Chilton's otherwise excellent Who's Who of British Jazz.

Armstrong's omission from the latter publication is unforgivable given that he was voted top trombonist in the Melody Maker Poll for four consecutive years (1949 - 1952) - second only to George Chisholm in overall gongs. Of the other 9 greats I've chosen, only Ian Carr came close to this feat winning the trumpet category three times.

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Album review: KNIMES* ACOUSTIC GROUP - Adventures in Improvised Music

knimes (drums/compositions); Jose Cervera (alto sax/flute); Yiannis Marinos (trombone); Ignacio Santoro (bass).

A tasty piece of   vinyl  consisting of six original compositions by knimes (Mattijs de Ridder) and brilliantly executed by an international quartet - knimes (Netherlands); Santoro (Argentina); Marinos (Greece) and Cervera (Spain).

History of Music: Radio 4 - Weekdays 9:45am – 10:00am

BSH readers with an interest in music in general may like to tune into this programme, which gives excepts from non-fiction books. Sorry I can't quote the book title* as 9.45am is early for me, but the readings give an interesting outline of musical development from the beginning of time. On Monday we heard about the earliest pipes and whistles, although some have said that drums came first as you can bang on many household implements - do try this at home!

Music Courses and Workshops @ The Globe

(Press release)

There's lots coming up both online and in person at The Globe, with plenty to whet your appetite. From Beginner Jazz Guitar to the Slow Bluegrass Jam there is something to suit all tastes and stages of your musical journey. Over the Summer, our flagship Play Jazz! and Women Play Jazz! Workshops return and in July we have the fabulous Amelia Coburn leading a Ukulele and Songwriting workshop prior to her Globe gig. Full details.

Jambone Open Workshop - Today. Your future could start here!

It’s young musician recruitment time at Sage Gateshead who are holding an online open workshop for Jambone and Jazz Attack with Paul Edis delivering it today,  April 6, from 4:00pm - 5:00pm. Ages 12 to 18, any instrument and any experience.

More details.

Clarence Penn Quintet live streaming from Small's, NYC - April 5

(Screenshot by Russell)
Mike Rodriguez (trumpet); Marshall Gilkes (trombone); Glenn Zaleski (piano); Matt Penman (double bass); Clarence Penn (drums)

More than a decade ago Clarence Penn visited Newcastle as a member of fellow American Michael Janisch's touring quintet. On that occasion his Tyneside appearance was in the company of trumpeter Jason Palmer, Paul Booth and Jim Hart. Here at Small's the affable Penn led an all-star band playing a Greenwich Village brand of bop to post-bop material. 

Ten great north east jazz musicians. 9 - Peter Jacobsen.

Peter (Pete) Jacobsen (1950 -2002): I can't remember where I first heard Pete Jacobsen, it may well have been at the New Orleans Club, however, the place where I heard him most frequently was The Five Bridges Hotel in Gateshead. Along with Brian Fisher on bass and Jackie Denton on drums the young blind pianist enthralled an appreciative audience with his playing.

Inevitably he moved to London where he played and recorded with top notch musicians such as Bobby Wellins and Pete King. The above screenshot is from a YouTube clip of Bobby Wellins' Endangered Species.

Monday, April 05, 2021

Album review: Carla Marciano "Psychosis - Homage to Bernard Hermann"

Carla Marciano (alto/soprano sax); Alessandro La Corte (piano/keys); Aldo Vigorita (bass); Gaetono Fasano (drums).

An all-Italian quartet playing some of Bernard Hermann's film themes plus one dedicated to John Williams and one by Carla herself. It would have good to hear the music played alongside the film as Kansas Smitty's did last Christmas and, bearing in mind the previous post by Dave Sayer, I checked the packaging in case there were any DVDs hidden in perforated compartments but no such luck!

Album review (sort of): Kamasi Washington - The Choice

Kamasi Washington (tenor sax)+ 16 others, a 27 piece orchestra and 13 member choir.

One way to pass a wind blasted Bank Holiday is to read the Wikipedia entries on your favourite musicians. Whilst reading the Kamasi Washington discography I saw a reference to The Choice, a five track EP with an accompanying date of 2018. Not recognising the recording I looked it up on and saw no mention of it there. Nothing on either. Following the Wikipedia link for The Choice I found out that I already had it, I just didn’t know it.

Marianne Solivan live streaming from Small's, NYC - April 4.

(Screenshot by Russell)
Marianne Solivan (vocals); Leandro Pellegrino (guitar); Steve Wood (double bass); Jay Sawyer (drums)

Small's stands defiant. Its doors closed to an audience, the Greenwich Village venue continues to present jazz seven nights a week. Some performances are sponsored, some aren't. Online donations are encouraged, one way or another, proprietor Spike Wilner keeps the show on the road. This evening, Nuyorican Marianne Solivan worked with yet another fine NYC trio, its guitarist, Leandro Pellegrino an outstanding musician. 

Ella Hohnen-Ford live streaming with Joe Webb. April 4

(Screenshot by Russell)
Ella Hohnen-Ford (vocals); Joe Webb (piano); Will Sach (double bass)  

Ella Hohnen-Ford made a big impression on Kansas Smitty's Thelonious Monk session. Less than twenty four hours later, Ms Hohnen-Ford popped up on YouTube working with Kansas Smitty's regular, pianist Joe Webb. On the evidence of these performances the recent Royal Academy of Music graduate is an exceptional talent. 

Ten great north east jazz musicians. 8 - Ronnie Stephenson

(Photo by Lance circa 1983)
Ronnie Stephenson (1937 - 2002): Born Sunderland, he first made his mark as drummer with various bands fronted by the late Ray Chester before joining the EmCee 5 of which much has been written, not least in this series. Mike Carr, pianist/vibes player with the band paid tribute to Stephhenson's powerful drummer with a number he wrote for Let's Take Five, the band's now very collectible EP. He called the composition Stephenson's Rocket.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra live streaming from Ronnie's - April 4

(Screenshot by Ken Drew)
Duncan Galloway couldn't be at Ronnie's tonight, being stuck in Germany, Covid travel restrictions and all that. In the absence of the Pasadenas' frontman it was down to pianist Simon Townley to handle the announcements. The concert began with a good ol' good 'un, South Rampart St Parade

Tom 'Spats' Langham got to sing all the numbers which are normally the preserve of Galloway, so, an extra ration of next to nowt for our classic jazz era crooner! Spats the vocalist joined forces with 'bone man Adrian Fry on I Got a Right to Sing the Blues, Fry soloing. A hot take on Business in F as played by the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra featured Oliver Wilby (Glenn Miller Orchestra UK) blowing a swinging tenor chorus. 

The Definitive History of Jazz in Britain Part One of Ten: Jazz FM - April 4.

This first episode didn't hold a lot of interest in the actual music played but, in the various observations from the past such as The Original Dixieland Jazz Band is arriving in Britain, Thanks for the warning - Punch 1919, and in the present in the form of observations by such as Nick Ball, Adrian Cox and Digby Fairweather, it made for compelling listening.

Initially, jazz was seen as, part dance music, part novelty and part comedy - the latter two categories could well apply to some of today's improv offerings!

Sunday Night @ the Globe - April 4

(Screenshot by Lance)
John Pope (bass); John Garner (violin)

Newswatch (Ran Blake); Congeniality (Ornette Coleman); Clear Water (Albert Ayler); 40-F (Anthony Braxton); Egyptian (Carla Bley); ? (Alice Coltrane); Well You Needn't (Monk).

The above set list indicates the mood of the evening, an evening based around the music of those musicians who sought to furrow new paths, moving away from tradition into a brave new world, finding new disciples and discarding unbelievers just as every innovator has done since the earliest days of jazz to the present day.

Sunday Night is Jazz Night

Don't forget tonight at 9:00pm on Jazz FM, Part One of the ten part History of Jazz in Britain begins. Covering the past 100 years it will take us on a decade by decade journey to today's vibrant scene. Listen here.

Talking about today's vibrant scene, at 8:00pm, Sunday Night @ the Globe's livestream features Pope and Garner, that is John Garner (violin) & John Pope (bass). If you haven't already got your ticket do it by clicking here but do hurry.


Album review: Floating Points (Sam Shepherd), Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orcestra - Promises

Floating Points (keyboards, electronics); Pharoah Sanders (sax) + The London Symphony Orchestra

Before this album came out I hadn’t had cause to wonder if I was unique in all the world by being a fan of both Floating Points and Pharoah Sanders. FP’s 2015 album, Elaenia, was a gem and a thing of beauty. Since that release it turns out that Sam Shepherd, who is Floating Points, had a masterplan to record with Pharoah Sanders and here is the fruition of that ambition.

Adrian Cox: the Music of Jelly Roll Morton - April 3

(Screenshot by Russell)
Adrian Cox (clarinet, vocals)

In recent weeks Adrian Cox has been based in the south of Bulgaria, today our live streaming clarinetist relocated to somewhere in the north of the country. That 'somewhere' just happened to be a local hostelry owned by Buster Bloodvessel. Yes, the bald-headed ska popstar, as was, and still is!  A different location, the same excellent hour's worth of clarinet playing and occasional vocals. Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Pepper got the show underway against a backdrop of an ancient map of Eastern Europe with more than one hundred of Cox's parishioners online. 

Steve Slagle live streaming from Small's, NYC - April 3

(Screenshot by Russell)
Steve Slagle (alto sax, flute); Bruce Barth (piano); Ugonna Okegwo (double bass); Jason Tiemann (drums)

Steve Slagle is a big cheese around these here parts. The NYC based alto saxophonist, former Mingus Big Band MD and associate of Joe Lovano, has a new album in the works to follow on from his pre-lockdown Alive in Harlem recording on Panama Records. This evening Slagle appeared at Small's in the company of the great Bruce Barth, piano, and long time bassist Ugonna Okegwo and drummer Jason Tiemann. Straight in, no messing, hard bop blowing, the business! 

Ten north east jazz greats. 7 - Mike Carr

Mike Carr (1937 - 2017). Born in South Shields, the younger brother of Ian, Mike Carr was one of the great jazz organists. He could hold his own with any of the American B3 stars. Like Ian, as related in the previous episode, he began playing hard bop with Newcastle's Emcee Five. Back then, at the old Down Beat Club on Carliol Square, he played piano and, occasionally vibes.

Saturday, April 03, 2021

KSTV: Playback session - Thelonious Monk's Underground. April 3

Alec Harper (tenor sax); Deschanel Gordon (piano); Will Sach (double bass); Will Cleasby (drums) + Ella Hohnen-Ford (vocals)

The first in Kansas Smitty's new once a week, Saturday evening live stream schedule presented Thelonious Monk's Underground album. Jack and Giacomo engaged tenor saxophonist Alec Harper (Charlie Rouse) in a pre-performance chat to get a feel for how tonight's band would approach the music of the legendary composer-pianist. Harper cited melody saying Monk was always playing the melody. 

Alan Barnes @ the 606 Club - April 3

(Screen collage by Lance)
Alan Barnes (alto & baritone sax/clarinet); Robin Aspland (piano); Andrew Cleyndert (bass); Alfonso Vitale (drums).

To go for almost two years without seeing Alan Barnes live is like going for a day without seeing the PM on TV - ah well, you win some, you lose some. Tonight, at least, we won handsomely hearing Alan Barnes livestreaming from the 606. Other than the sport, I didn't watch the news today - did Chelsea really lose to WBA? Still, there were more important things happening in Chelsea and this was one, if not the only one.

It was a delight to hear our premier saxophonist again and, if at times I got the feeling that his lip wasn't quite in he still sounded better than any ten others whose lips were in.

A good set with three of the finest alongside him.

Album review: Clare Foster - Kumbhaka*

I initially viewed this album with mixed feelings. A great selection of standards plus a few originals but, all given a Latin treatment. My mind boggled! Singin' in the Rain as a bossa? I Get Along Without You Very Well as a bolero? I Only Have Eyes For You as a rumba/salsa and I Can't Help Singing - first heard as a semi-operatic workout for Deanna Durbin in the film of the same name - as a chacarera? I ask you!

Joe Webb: Live at Oliver's Jazz Bar - April 3

(Screenshot by Russell)
Riley Stone-Lonergan (tenor sax); Joe Webb (piano); Conor Chaplin (double bass); Corrie Dick (drums)

Lester Young with the Oscar Peterson Trio live from Oliver's Jazz Bar. If only! However, present day greats were in the house...Messrs Riley Stone-Lonergan, Joe Webb, Conor Chaplin and Corrie Dick. Live at Joe's for one week only streamed from Oliver's Jazz Bar in London. This Saturday afternoon session was eagerly anticipated but...the audio was absolutely terrible. Joe's spoken introductions were inaudible, likewise his upright couldn't be heard, Conor's bass boomed, countless online comments implored the quartet to sort out the sound, to stop, if necessary. 

Aycliffe Radio: Easter Jazz Time Playlist - Sunday 6.30 -8.00.

The Modern Jazz Quartet; Sister Rosetta Tharpe; Sant Andreu Jazz Band; Jacques Loussier Trio; Chris Barber; Oscar Peterson; Duke Ellington featuring Cootie Williams; Mahalia Jackson; Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton & Taj Mahal; Louis Armstrong; Ella Fitzgerald; John Coltrane.
Mike Dixon

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