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Dee Dee Bridgewater: "We found out that the estate doesn't allow any lyrics to Coltrane's music" - (DownBeat April, 2020).


The Things They Say!

Hudson Music: Lance's "Bebop Spoken Here" is one of the heaviest and most influential jazz blogs in the UK.

Rupert Burley (Dynamic Agency): "BSH just goes from strength to strength".


In the current climate we are doing our best to keep everyone up to date. All gigs, as we all know, are off.

However, good old YouTube has plenty to offer both old and new to help us survive whilst housebound. Plus now is a good time to stock up on your CDs.

Also, keep an eye out for live streaming sessions.

Alternatively, you could do as they do in Italy and sing from your balcony.


As we all know there are no live gigs taking place in the immediate future. However, any links to jazz streaming that are deemed suitable - i.e. with a professional approach - will be considered for posting.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Remi Harris - Live

Remi Harris is currently live on Facebook 14:30 hrs. with some tasty guitar playing.

Preview: Black Music in Europe: A Hidden History - BBC Radio 4

Following on from the documentary series looking at the role played by African-American musicians in Europe during the first half of the twentieth century, Clarke Peters presents another three part series, this time looking at the influence of a post-war generation of musicians living and working in Europe. The first programme will be broadcast today (Tuesday 7) at 9:00am on Radio 4 (repeated at 9:30pm). 

Monday, April 06, 2020

Lindsay Hannon Sings the Blues

Tonight's Blue Note: Horace Silver Quintet - Doin' The Thing At The Village Gate

Blue Mitchell (trumpet); Junior Cook (tenor sax); Horace Silver (piano); Gene Taylor (bass); Roy Brooks (drums).
(By Lance).

It was the title of the opening  track that drew this one to my attention -  Filthy McNasty. I had to hear it! It was a groove and a half, almost rock 'n' roll and, all these years later, I still feel the urge to shake a limb. Junior Cook blows up a storm and, in his sleeve notes, Ira Gitler came up with "If Junior Cook were to legally pluralize his last name, it would read like the baldest statement of fact". Why couldn't I have thought that one up? - it's a classic.

CD Review: John Law’s Congregation – Configuration

John Law (piano, keyboards, samples); James Mainwaring (saxophones, guitar); Ashley John Long (double bass); Billy Weir (drums).
(Review by Hugh C)

The founder and CEO of Bebop Spoken Here emailed me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing this CD, apparently, in his words “not my cuppa”.  I do usually prefer to imbibe a simple cuppa, real ale or perhaps a single malt and am not interested in the product of any “mixologist”.  I am however, musically open to a cocktail of genres and styles.

On receiving a review CD from Lance, I generally first have a quick read of the accompanying background material.  The downside of this is that the hype therein may already adversely colour my view of the CD before hearing a note!  This was emphatically not the case with this new release from the progressive and innovative label Ubuntu – I couldn’t wait to listen to the CD.

Dear Bix

In view of the previous post re Josh Duffee's forthcoming Bixian stream on Thursday (April 9) I thought that it would give me a good excuse to post this short clip of Roly Veitch singing Dave Frishberg's Dear Bix.

It's rather good!

Preview: Josh Duffee goes in search of Bix Beiderbecke (Thursday, April 9)

(By Russell)

A live stream event with a difference is in store as we're invited to join Josh Duffee's driving tour of historic sites in Davenport, Iowa. The 'historic' aspect refers to the hangouts, venues and other locations associated with Leon Bismark Beiderbecke. On Thursday evening (17:00 GMT) classic jazz-era drummer, friend of, and key participant in Mike Durham's International Classic Jazz Party, Duffee will be visiting sites across his - and Bix's - home town.

George Benson releases live version of 'Give Me The Night' from upcoming live album

(Press release)

Later this year, the Grammy award winning icon George Benson will be releasing his new live album Weekend In London via Provogue/Mascot Label Group. Benson took the stage at the prestigious 250 capacity Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London last year and what better way to open the set than with one of his all time classic’s Give Me The Night. As an early taster to the record, fans can now hear the stunning 7 minute rendition of one of his biggest and greatest hits.

Check out the brilliant live version of Give Me The Night .

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Dulcie loves the blues!

(By Russell)

As BSH Editor-in-Chief bailed out, some blog regulars stayed on. Pianist Martin Goodsmith took five as Dulcie sang Humdrum Blues accompanied by guitarist Stephen Bridgland's backing track...Mr B wasn't in the room! Another blues then Goodsmith returned. Dulcie peered at her monitor...Moanin' (where were you LL?!). 

Tonight's Blue Note: Dexter Gordon - A Swingin' Affair.

Dexter Gordon (tenor sax); Sonny Clark (piano); Butch Warren (bass); Billy Higgins (drums).
(By Lance)

When I began this series I said I'd leave the Dexter Gordon's until this whole sorry affair is behind us but the urge to listen to the big man was too great so I thought to myself that one won't harm me. How many times have I said that before?

Which one? that was the question. An unanswerable question if quality was to be the deciding factor - they are all up there among the greatest tenor sax albums of all-time - so I simply closed my eyes and picked one at random.

Dulcie May Moreno Live

Dulcie's on Facebook now (8:20pm)


Gave up on this one despite Dulcie being one of my favourite singers just can't cope with the continually freezing and unfreezing which seems to be par for the course on Facebook - YouTube wins hands down.

The indecisiveness between singer and keyboardist didn't help matters. Maybe they should have had a consultation before they started.

Sorry Dulcie, when it all happened you were fantastic but it was too disjointed overall.
Still luv ya!

Alcoholic Blues - Neville Sarony (Piano & Vocal) with the China Coast Ja...

Colin Aitchison posted this vintage clip from Ned Kelly's Last Stand of Neville Sarony who regularly comes over to Tyneside with Colin when Our Man in Hong Kong pays his annual visit back to the northeast.
What an atmosphere!

Sam Young Live - Parts 1 & 2

Sam Young was live on Facebook earlier (playing piano not drums).
Lovely comment - "Play some rock and roll for your grandfather. you know he loves it".

Part 2, once Facebook had stopped freezing and unfreezing was jazzier with Alfie's Theme; Blue Bossa; Softly as in a Morning Sunrise; Stolen Moments + two originals Here I am and The Town Where I Live.

Jazz Leeds Lockdown Sessions - Part 1

It's all part of the fun - finding the link (after much cussing and frustration) and deciding it was all worthwhile. This one was so late it made it seem as though last night's live Paul Skerritt stream had started early!

CD Review: Johnny Hunter - Pale Blue Dot

Mark Hanslip (tenor sax), Gemma Bass (violin), Aby Vulliamy (viola), Michael Bardon (cello), Seth Bennett (double bass), Johnny Hunter (drums)
(Review by Steve H)

Johnny Hunter is not only one of the best drummers on the UK Jazz scene but also one of the nicest guys as well so it was an absolute pleasure to be given the opportunity to review his latest album Pale Blue Dot. I’ve seen Hunter play in numerous styles and combinations with bands such as Sloth Racket, Article XI, Blind Monk Trio, Fragments, Engine Room Favourites, John Pope Quintet and his own quartet to name just a few. The Pale Blue Dot project/band/suite is yet another example of what a versatile and accomplished musician Hunter is.

Lockdown in Leeds - Now working!

Leeds Sunday lockdown session goes live at 1.30pm! Come and join us for a selection of some of the best music from our JazzLeeds archives with saxman Eric Alexander, trumpeter Claude Deppa, singer Tina May, a lovely jazz quartet from Leeds - Tiptoe , and New York drummer Ari Hoenig. And of course THE RAFFLE (for the Wensleydale cheese!)
Part 2 follows at 3pm - you might be on it! 
Steve Crocker

CD Review: Dominic Ingham - Role Models

Dominic Ingham (violin); Jonny Mansfield (vibes); David Swan (piano); Will Sach (bass); Boz Martin-Jones (drums).
(Review by Lance)

An interesting new band, not least because of the unusual instrumentation i.e. violin and vibes over a conventional rhythm section. It works well with Mansfield's vibes sonorous and rich-toned unlike some vibists who sound as if they are hitting tuned milk bottles. 

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Tonight's Blue Note: The Art Blakey Quintet - A Night at Birdland with The Art Blakey Quintet Vol. 1

Clifford Brown (trumpet); Lou Donaldson (alto); Horace Silver (piano); Curley Russell (bass); Art Blakey (drums).
(By Lance).

Today is Don Forbes' birthday - happy birthday Don - haven't seen you around for a while. For many years, trumpet player Don fronted the cleverly named Safe Sextet at the old Jazz Café back in the day when Keith Crombie was Führer.

It was a cracking band that included, from time to time, Pete Gilligan (piano); Paul Gowland (saxes); John Rowland (tenor sax); Eric Stutt (drums) and, probably, Paul Grainger (double bass) as well as Don on trumpet.

Paul Skerritt - Live Jam @ Lockdown - April 4

(Review by Lance)

8:00pm it said and I logged in dead on time - zilch. Much clicking on links - still nothing and I began to think our boy had done something rash. Then the penny dropped. Years of visiting Hoochie Coochie, The Globe and other venues should have hipped me to the fact that when they give a starting time it usually means doors!

So, I put my on my mask and gloves, stuck up the local liquor store, came back and popped a can of Old Speckled Hen by which time we were up and running.

Barry Zweig (1942 - 2020)

(By Lance)

Maurice J. Summerfield has kindly passed on the sad information that another jazz guitarist has left the fold. Barry Zweig had been fighting illness for the past two years before finally succumbing to complications from Crohn's Disease. The fact that it wasn't caused by the current pandemic doesn't make it any the less painful for his family, friends and fans.

What follows is from a JGSWA* newsletter received by Maurice:

Live Jam Tonight

Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

Very appropriate clip from Roly Veitch (guitar/vocal) w. Noel Dennis (trumpet) and Neil Harland (bass). It has improved my day already!

Bitches Brew: The Verdict

(By Russell)

Released just over fifty years ago on March 30, 1970, Miles Davis' groundbreaking new album seemingly divided the critics. CBS went big on pre-release publicity buying advertising space in numerous jazz magazines including Jazz Journal (see image from the July 1970 issue). In the September issue of Jazz Journal critic Ron Brown reviewed the album.

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