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Bebop Spoken There

“Television is just a bunch of people with nothing to do watching people who can't do nothing.”Wingy Manone (Down Beat April 7, 1966).

Bebop Spoken There Archives: Greg Abate to Mike Zwerin.

Today Friday April 18.

RENDEZVOUS JAZZ - Black Horse, Monkseaton. 1pm. Free.
Classic jazz.
FUNKALLEROS - Jazz Café, 25 Pink Lane, Newcastle NE1 5DW. £5.00. 9.30pm (Free up to 9:00pm.)
Graham Hardy in Latin Funk mode.
BURUNDANGA - Hoochie Coochie, 54 Pilgrim St., Newcastle NE1 5SF. 9pm. Free.
More Latin!
GAVIN LEE's JAZZ BAND - British Legion, Coatsworth Rd., Gateshead 8pm.
New Orleans at its finest for a Good Friday party.
PAUL SKERRITT BAND - Sloan's, 22 Grange Rd., Darlington DL1 5NG. 8pm. Free.
Top vocalist with great backing.
DEAN STOCKDALE TRIO - The Hearth, Main Rd., Horsley NE15 0NT. 7.30pm. 01661 852545. CANCELLED! Re-scheduled for July 11.

CD Reviews

Greg Abate - Time For Dave. (7/11/13.)
Abercrombie, John - 39 Steps.
Accidental Tourists - The L.A. Sessions.
ACV - Fail in Wood.
ACV - Busk.
Allen, Harry & Hamilton, Scott - 'Round Midnight.
Anderson, Matt - The Matt Anderson Quartet.
Andersen, Arild - Celebration.
Andersen, Arild - Mira. (1/2/14)
Anick, Jason - Tipping Point (8/2/14).
Animation - Agemo.
Arroyo, Mike - Full Circle.
Askren, Dave/Benedict, Jeff - It's All in the Groove
Bach, David - Other World. (15/12/13)
Back Door - BBC In Concert..
Bad Plus, The - Made Possible.
Bannau Trio - Point of View. (10/10/13)
Barbacana - Barbacana.
Basin Street Brawlers - It's Tight Like That. (28/3/14).
Beat Function - Moon Town.
Bedikyan, Burak - Circle of Life (20/11/13).
Beirne, Beverley - Seasons of Love.
Benoit, Viellefon - Live at the Quecumbar.
Benson, George - Inspiration: A Tribute to Nat King Cole.
Bernstein, Brandon - But Beautiful.
Big Chief - It Don't Make Sense (3/3/14).
Binney, Elaine and the Jazz Rascals - Live at Durant Hall.
Birchell, Nat - Live in Larissa (31/3/14).
Blake, Ran/Sara Serpa - Aurora.
Blake, Seamus - Live at Smalls.
Bliss, Julian - A Tribute to Benny Goodman.
Bloch, Lena - Feathery. (18/3/14).
Block, Dan - Duality.
Blue Touch Paper - Drawing Breath. (26/9/13)
Bollani, Stefano - O Que Sera.
Borring, Kristian - Nausicaa.
Bourassa, Francois - Idiosyncrasie (25/9/13)
Bradstock, Burton - All on a Lovely Summer's Day.
Beandt, Esbon - Silence and Sound. (4/10/13)
Brass Jaw - Branded
Brass Jaw - Minted.
Brass Mask - Spy Boy. (2/10/13)
Breach - Borders.
Breakstone, Joshua - With the Wind and Rain (4/1/14).
Brecher, Kaylé - Spirals and Lines.
Brimley, Wilford - w. Jeff Hamilton Trio (17/9/13)
Brooklyn Jazz Collective - Sketches (14/10/13).
Brother Strut - The First Strut is the Deepest. (31/3/14).
Bruns, Jason Lee - Live at Catalina Jazz club (18/9/13)
Bruut: Bruut.
Buck Clayton Legacy Band - Claytonia.
Burton, Euan - Occurrences.
California Feetwarmers (3/4/14)
Campagne, Masha - Like Water, Like Air.
Canniere, Andre - Coalescence. 24/10/13.
Carroll, Lianne - Ballads.
Cartwright, Deirdre and Kathy Dyson - Emily Remembered.
Cashman, Glenn : Music Without Borders.
Cepeda, Raquel - I'm Confessin'.
Chaise Lounge - Dot Dot Det. (15/10/13)
Chalk, Ian/Clarkson, Dan - The Nearness of Two.
Cincotti, Peter - Metropolis.
Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra - The LA Treasures Project (9/4/14).
Cloudmaker's Trio - Live at Pizza Express.
Clouts, Philip - The Hour of the Pearl.
Cobham, Billy - Warner Bros. Original Album Series.
Coelho, Kevin - Funkengruven, the joy of driving a B3.
Coehlo, Kevin - Turn It Up. (23/10/13)
Cohen, Rachael - Half Time. (13/11/13.)
Colorado Conservatory - Hang Time. (18/9/13)
Corban, Larry - The Circle Starts Here.
Corea, Chick/Burton, Gary  - Hot House.
Corea, Chick - Vigil.
Cornelius, Patrick - Infinite Blue.
Coughlan, Mary - Live. (24/10/13).
Crispell, Marilyn - Parallel Moments (23/2/14).
Crombie, Tony - Whole Lotta Tony.
Crowley, George - Paper Universe.
Cruz Control - Le Comment du Pourquoi?
Cusp - All There Is. (29/10/13)
Dagda Quartet - Dagda.
Daniels, Kate - Atmospherics. (28/11/13).
Dankworth, Jacqui - It Happens Quietly.
Dankworth, Jacqui - Live to Love.
David's Angels: What it Seems.
Davis, Miles - Warner Bros. Original Album Series.
Dechter, Graham - Takin' it There.
De Waal, Emil - Emil De Waal + (6/3/14).
Di Meola, Al - In Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody.
Dorough, Bob - Eulalia, (4/2/14).
Dotson, Dorothy and Mattson, Phil - Compositions by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.
Duke, Yolanda - Te Llievo Bajo La Piel. (18/4/14)
Durra, Louis - Rocket Science.
Eastwood, Kyle -The View From Here.
Edis, Paul - There Will Be Time.
Edis, Paul - Not Like Me (29/9/13).
Elling, Kurt - 1619 Broadway, the Brill Building Project.
Empirical - Tabula Rasa.
Esbjorn Svenssen Trio - 301.
Escreet, John - Sabotage and Celebration. (5/10/13)
Ess, Gene - Fractal Attraction.
Estrada, Anna - Volando.
Evans, Charles - Subliminal Leaps.
Evans, Gil - Centennial, Newly Discovered Works.
Eyes of a Blue Dog - Rise.
FADO em si bemol.
Feinberg, Michael - The Elvin Jones Project.
Feliciati, Lorenzo - Frequent Flyer.
Finch, Catrin/Keita, Seckou - Clychau Dibon.(24/9/13)
Foreign Motion - In Flight. (24/11/13)
Forkish, Lisa - Bridges.
Fornarelli, Kekko - Kube Room of Mirrors.
Foschi, Olivia  - Perennial Dreamer.
Franks, Michael - Original Album Series.
Fried, Fred - Core Bacharach.
Fujii, Satoko - Time Stands Still.
Fujii, Satoko - Spring Storm.
Funkhouser, John - Still. (19/9/13)
Garbarek, Jan - Magico Carta de Amor.
Garcia, Paulinho - Beautiful Love (2/1/14).
Gardony, Laszlo - Clarity.
Garnett, Alex - Serpent.
Garrick, Michael - Prelude to Heart is a Lotus.
Gato Libre - Forever.
Gemmer, Soren - at first.
Get the Blessing - Lope and Antilope (10/1/14)
Gibbs, Mike - + 12 Play Gil Evans.
Gibbs, Tom - Fear of Flying.
Gilby, Zoe - Looking Glass.
Gilby, Zoe - Twelve Stories. (11/11/13)
Gilman, Joe - Relativity.
Goehring, Tom - A Reflected Journey.
GoGo Penguin - v2.0 (2/3/14)
Goudinaki, Nancy - I Wanna be Your Star. (!6/4/14).
Graham, Johanna - Don't Let me be Lonely Tonight. (2/4/14).
Greco, Buddy - Live at the Sands.
Greco, Chris - Trane of Thought.
Green, Danny - A Thousand Ways Home.
Griffith Hiltz Trio - This is what you get...
Gustavsen, Tord - Extended Circle (10/2/14)
Haines, Nathan - The Poet's Embrace.
Hall, Tianna - Two For The Road.
Hall, Tianna (w. Chris Cortez) - Noel (25/11/13)
Hannabiell and Midnight Blue - With Us.
Harrold, Rebecca - The River of Life.
Hatfield, Ken - For Langston.
Hawkins, Alexander - Step Wide, Step Deep (23/2/14)
Hawkins, Alexander - Song Singular (23/2/14).
Heinen, Bruno - Twinkle, Twinkle.
Heinmen, Bruno - Tierkreis.
Herman, Yaron Alter Ego.
Hersch, Fred - Alive at the Village Vanguard.
Hess, Nikolaj - Trio.
Higginbottom, Chris - Where Land Ends.
Paul Higgs - Pavane (24/2/14).
Hines, Pamela - 3.2.1.
Hoffman, Kai - Do it While You Can.
Holy Moly and the Crackers - First Avenue.
Horn, Justin - Hornology.
Hot Club of Cowtown - Rendezvous in Rhythm.
Hot Fingers - By a Waterfall.
Howard, Eileen - Blues in the Green Room.(19/10/13)
Howard, Eileen - Street of Dreams.(19/10/13)
Howell, Ollie - Sutures and Stitches.
Hubka, Diane - West Coast Strings.(15/10/13)
Human - Being Human.
Hunter, Johnny - Appropriations. (24/2/14).
Iceni - Iceni.
Idle Words - You Are The Song.
Imay, Vijay - Mutations (26/3/14)
Impossible Gentlemen, The.
In The Country - Sunrise Sunset.
Jackson, Joe - Duke.
James, Etta - The Dreamer.
Janisch, Michael - Banned in London.
Jansen, Arne - The Sleep of Reason.
Jarrett, Keith - Sleepers.
Jarrett, Keith - Somewhere.
Jarrett, Keith - No End. (18/11/13).
Jazz Combustion Uprising - Self-Immolation (5/11/13)
Jazz on Film Vol 3 - French New Wave. (2/10/13)
Jensen, Henk - Qualia.
Jive Aces, The - King of the Swingers.
Jolicoeur, Lynn - World Behind the Pulse.
Jones, Carolyn Lee - The Performer. (19/11/13).
Jones, Mike - Plays Well With Others.
Jukebox Mambo.
Jurd, Laura - Landing Ground.
Kakitani, Asuka - Bloom.
Kearsey-Lawson, Roan - Presence in Mind (20/2/14).
Kelly, Grace - Live at Scullers.
Kennedy, Tom - Just Play.
Kenner, Shan - The Behaviour of Vibration.
Kent, Stacey - The Changing Lights.
Kinch, Soweto - The Legend of Mike Smith.
Kinhan, Lauren - Circle in the Square (5/2/14).
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland -Spirits up Above.
Kliphuis, Tim - The Grappelli Album (21/1/14).
Kouri, Elly - I Love You Too Much (19/1/14)
Lacuna -  Talk on the Step.
Lalama, Dave - The Hofstra Project.
Lalama Brothers - Erie Ave. (12/3/14).
Lambert, Ruth - Easy Street.
Landren, Nils - The Moon, The Stars and You
Landrus, Brian - Mirage.
Lantz, Daniel - Plays Bond.
Lash, Dominic - Opabinia (23/2/14)
Latz, Deborah - Fig Tree.
Leader, Joe - Seductive Sax.
Led Bib - The People in Your Neighbourhood. (17/4/14).
Let Spin - Let Spin 11/2/14)
Lettieri, Mark - Futurefun. (5/1/13)
Linham, Andrew - Abandoned Site.
Lloyd, Charles/Moran, Jason - Hagar's Song.
Lovano, Joe - Cross Culture.
Maine Street Jazzmen - Jazz at the Marquis.
Malkiel, Anya - From the Heart.
Manhattan Brass - Manhattan Holiday (28/11/13)
Manington, Dave - Hullabaloo.
Man Overboard - All Hands on Deck.
Mantovani, Davide - Choices.
Marshall, Dominic J., Icaros.
Marshall, Dominic J. - Spirit Speech (13/3/14).
Martensson, Emilia - Ana (7/3/14).
Masters, Mark - Everything You Did.
Masters, Mark: The Ellington Saxophone Encounters.
MacDonald, Raymond - Parallel Moments (23/2/14).
McFarlane, Zara - If You Knew Her (14/2/14).
McFarlane, Zara - Until Tomorrow.
McGuinness, Pete - Strength in Numbers. (10/4/14).
McGuinness, Pete - Voice Like a Horn.
McKnight, Mark - Do or Die.
McNulty, Chris - The Song That Sings You.
McQuarry, Stephen - Azure.
Meadows, Phil - Engines of Creation.
Meier, Nicolas - Kismet. (14/11/13)
Mendes, Sergio - Original Album Series.
Metamorphic - Coalescence.
Metheny, Pat - The Unity Band.
Metheny, Pat - Kin (21/2/14)
Metheny, Pat - Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels.
Mills, Pete - Sweet Shadow (1/1/14)
Mingus, Charles - Oriiginal Album Series.
Modern Jazz Quartet - Original Album Series.
Mok, Karen - Somewhere I Belong.
Mole - What's The Meaning?.
Molloy, Brian - Clock (30/9/13).
Monteiro, Filipe - In Bad Company.
Morris, Claudia - Secret Love.
Morris, Claudia - Twelve O' Clock Tales.
Moss Project, The - What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes.
Murphy, Mark - A Beautiful Friendship, Remembering Shirley Horn.
Myriad3 - Tell.
Neale, Allison - Melody Express.
New Masterswingers -  Out on the Faultline.
Newton, Matt - Within Reach (27/2/14).
New York Voices - Live With the WDR Big Band Cologne.
Nicholl and Farquharson - Della by Moonlight.
Nicholls, Dan - Ruins.
Norby, Caecilie - Silent Ways.
O'Beirne, Ian - Glasswork (13/2/14)
Odessa/Havana - Walk To Sea. (7/11/13)
Oswanski, Ron - December Moon.
Pari, Nelson - Introducing 22/2/14
Parker, Chris - The Chris Parker Trio (27/100/13)
Partikel - Cohesian.
Pellingman's Saraband - Division Musick.
Peplowski, Ken - Maybe September.
Pereira, Vitor  - Doors.
Perry, Mark/Eagles, Duncan Quintet - Road Ahead (8/11/13).
Peters, Kate - Kate Peters Septet.
Phillips, Dan - Bangkok Edge.
Piedron, Pierrick - Cheerleaders.
Pigfoot - 21st Century Acid Trad (6/3/14)
Pin, Marcos - Duology (w. Yago Vasquez) (30/1/14)
Pintchik, Leslie - In the Nature of Things. (13/4/14).
Ponty, Clara - Into The Light.
Ponty, Jean-Luc - Original Album Series.
Porter, Gregory - Liquid Spirit.
Poso, Gabriele - Roots of Soul.
Potenza, Frank - For Joe. (30/9/13)
Prene, Yvonnick - Wonderful World. (20/3/14).
Present Day - The Original Unit.
Preservation Hall Jazz Band - St. Peter and 57th St.
Pride, Nick - Midnight Feast of Jazz.
Rahman, Zoe - Kindred Spirit.
Rebello, Jason - Anything But Look (11/3/14)
ReDiviDeR - Meets I Dig Monk Tuned.(22/10/13)
Reman, Joshua - Walking Shadows.
Renegade Brass Band - Radio Rebelde.
Resonance - Introductions.
Rhythm Boys, The - Red Hot Mama.
Richards, Doug/Singer, Donna - Jazz in the Living Room. (30/3/14).
Richards Trio, Tim, - Shapeshifting.
Richardson, Gerry - So Many Reasons.
Ridley, Matt - Thymos. (15/10/13)
Roberts, Troy - Nu-Jive-5.
Robson, Phil - The Immeasurable Code.
Roos Jonker - Mmmmm.
Ross, Ronnie - Stompin' With The Ronnie Ross Quintet.
Rudd, Olive. - Best of Olive w. Maine Street Jazzmen.
Ryerson, Ali - Jazz Flute Big Band.
Salles, Felipe - Departure.
Salvant, Cecile McLorin - Womanchild. (29/10/13).
Sanborn, David - The Anthology.
Saxophonics - The River Flows at Night (30/11/13).
Schrire, Nicky - Freedom Flight.
Schrire, Nicky - Space and Time.
Schrire, Nicki - To the Spring (11/3/14).
Scolari, Claudio - Synthesis.
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra - In the Spirit of Duke.
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra - American Adventure (29/1/14).
Scott, Ronnie - Featuring Alan Skidmore (LP)
Sector 7: The EP.
Sherman, Daryl. - Mississippi Belle:Cole Porter in the Quarter.
Shizaru - The Naked Truth.
Shorter, Wayne - Without a Net.
Silk, Jonathan - Uncouth (24/10/13).
Silverstein, Herb - Monday Morning (17/1/14)
Simcock, Gwilym - Good Days at Schloss Elmau.
Simmons, Kaz - Signs. (3/10/13).
Simone, Nina - Collector.
Smart, Nick (Trogon) - Tower Casa 23/2/14)
Smith, Jamie - Kinesis (28/2/14).
Smith, Tommy - Karma.
Smith, Tommy : Youth Jazz Orchestra - Emergence.
Smith, Tommy/Kellock, Btian - Whispering of the Stars. (25/3/14)
Soul Rebels Brass Band - Unlock Your Mind.
Spero, Greg - Acoustic Blujazz 2011.
Spillett, Simon - Square One.
Spiritual Jazz Vol 2 - Europe
Spiritual Jazz Vol 4 - Americans in Europe.
Stanko, Tomasz - Wislawa.
Starace, Tommaso - Blood and Champagne.
Starace, Tommaso - Simply "Marvelous"
Stephens Trio, Chip - Relevancy.
Stephen's Trio, Keith - Attune.
Stern, Suzi - Romancing the Dark. (19/9/13)
Stewart, Alexander - All or Nothing at All.
Stigers, Curtis - Let's Go Out Tonight.
Stilgoe, Joe - We Look To The Stars.
Stranahan/Zaleski/Rosato - Limitless. (9/12/13)
Strong, Anthony - Delovely.
Strong, Anthony - Stepping Out With My Baby.
Summarily Dismissed, The - To Each!
Surman, John - Saltash Bells.
Sutton, Jacqui - Notes From the Frontier.
Swallow, Steve - Into the Woodwork.
Swing City Trio - What a Little Moonlight Can Do!
Swing From Paris - Quasimodo.
Synergy - Nine Tales of the Pendulum.
Tamura, Natsuki - Muku.
Taylor, Jamie - Introducing Outside Line (27/12/13)..
Thought Fox - My Guess.
Three Fall - Realize.
Tolstoy, Viktoria - Letters To Herbie.
Traeben - Push.
Trichotomy - Fact Finding Mission.
Trio Riot - Trio Riot (14/3/14)
Truesdale, Ryan - Centennial - Newly Discovered Works of Gil Evans.
Vallon, Colin - Le Vent. (14/4/14).
Various - Salsa de Bahia.
Varmus, Jacob - Terminal Stillness.
Vayenas, Nick - Nick Vayenas.
Vayenas, Nick - Some Other Time (26/2/14).
Veitch Trio, Roly - Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams.
Vercher, Javier/Ferenc Nemeth - Imaginary Realm (18/1/14).
Verve, The - Introducing The Verve.
Vo-Duo - Nou-La
Vole - The Hillside Mechanism.
Vos, Thisbe - Under Your Spell.
Waldorff, Torben - Wah Wah.
Warfield, Tim - Jazzy Christmas. (20/11/13)
Wave Mechanics Union - Further to Fly.
Wheatley, Martin - All Day Breakfast.
Wiggins, Ira - When Freedom Swings.
Williams, Ben - State of Art.
Williams, Jeff - Another Time.
Williams, Mark - Balaclava Street.
Williams, Natalie - Where You Are (8/2/14).
Willis, Dan - The Satie Project 11. (9/10/13)
Winstone, Norma - Dance Without Answer (28/1/14).
Wofford, Mike - It's Personal.
World Service Project No. 3 - ReDiViDeR.
World Service Project No. 4 - Tribraco.
World Service Project No. 5 - Alfie Ryner.
World Service Project - Fire in a Pet Shop.
Xenopoulos, Vasilis - Loud City.
York, Libby - Memoirs (9/3/14)
York, Pamela - Lay Down This World: Hymns and Spirituals.
Young, Neil C. - El Camino.
Yoxen, Renee & Ferguson, Mark - Here We Go Again.
Zerafa, Sandro - The Bigger Picture (22/2/14).
Zoller, James - It's All Good People.

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