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Saturday, February 06, 2021

Georgia Cécile & Fraser Urquhart's Global Music Foundation live stream - Feb. 5

Georgia Cécile (vocals); Fraser Urquhart (piano)

As if Facebook, YouTube and other live stream platforms weren't enough, now Zoom. Isn't this newfangled thing about conference calls and the like? It seems the idea is to facilitate a post-performance Q & A. The Global Music Foundation has been streaming events such as this during the pandemic with many of the performers based in America. This evening's guests -  Georgia Cécile and Fraser Urquhart - were at home in Edinburgh, similarly the audience, in locations across the globe. 
A simple set up, Fraser at an upright piano with a beer at hand, Georgia on a mic with a mug of tea or something similar (taking care of the larynx, you know). Red Mitchell's When I'm Singing opened the show. Vocals to die for, accomplished piano accompaniment, the ideal duo. Hoagy, Gershwin, Johnny Mercer, Ray Noble and one original composition would follow in a performance of little more than half an hour.    

Listening in, watching on, some posting comments, the 'new' element is an on-screen, participatory audience. A distraction? Potentially. Some of those watching on included Sara Dowling (later to contribute to the Q & A session) and from America, Bruce Barth, prompting Fraser to say: I can't believe Bruce Barth is here...absolutely terrifying! 

Georgia's singing is up there with any of the current crop: assured, expressive, focused. Fraser is up there (one of many outstanding Scottish musicians). Interestingly, our pianist, off the top of his head, quoted a lyric, suggesting he is a student of the art of the composer and the lyricist - no doubt vocalists beat a path to his door! An encore was called for - The Very Thought of You - during which our singer couldn't suppress a sneeze! A-a-a-choo! If only there had been a real, 'live' audience in the room...Bless you! It's what gigs are all about, the interaction between performer and audience. Georgia works with a host of other top class musicians. As and when she's out on tour, be sure to catch her, you won't be anything other than impressed.       

Set list: When I'm SingingI Get Along Without You Very WellOur Love is Here to Stay?Do It AgainIt's Great to be AliveThe Very Thought of You

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