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Friday, February 26, 2021

KSTV: Playback session - Ben & Sweets (1962)

Pete Horsfall (trumpet); Alec Harper (tenor sax); Noah Stoneman (piano); Will Sach (bass); Shane Forbes (drums)

(Screenshots by Ken Drew)

This was nice, it was comfortable and I'm not using those terms in any  context other than appreciatively. There was plenty of fire, albeit nowhere near a pet shop. We used to call it swing or mainstream - like Eddie Condon's gang, I call it music.

The fact that, apart from bassist Sach, all were sitting may have suggested this would indeed be a cosy evening in. However, anyone who knew the players present and the historical mentors they were celebrating wouldn't have entertained such thoughts and, if they did, they were literally blown away on the opening Better Go.

Great unison sound with both the horns indicating they'd studied their predecessors. Harper in particular managed to convey that luscious Webster sound - the combination of richness and bloodcurdling growl. Horsfall too got into Edison mode without resorting to the ex-Basie trumpet player's often overused clichés. 

Harper played My Romance and Horsfall extolled the virtues of an Embraceable You. Tightly muted at first he then opened up to show just how powerful a trumpet player he and "Sweets" Edison were.

To digress, I heard both Webster and Edison live at different times in Newcastle so I have a yardstick for comparision and tonight's two hornmen didn't fall short.

Interviewed pre-start, Horsfall said his favourite number of the set was Did you Call Her? It was mine too although Cottontail ran it close despite a degree of uncertainty during the head - an "after you Claude" situation. 

They went out on Tin Roof Blues which isn't a bad way to go bearing in mind just how far back that song goes!

A sound rhythm section made this another enjoyable evening "down at the club" - shame (not) that they don't have bingo!

1 comment :

Russell said...

A fantastic set. At the Corner House way back when, such sessions became the stuff of legend. Bartender, another pint of 80/- please! Kansas Smitty's sessions are so good you can't afford to miss one, can you?

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