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Saturday, February 13, 2021

KSTV: Playback Herbie Hancock "Thrust" & "Headhunters" - Feb. 14

Will Barry (keys); Alec Harper (tenor sax/flute); Flo Moore (bass guitar); Jas Kayser (drums); João Caetano (perc.).

(Screenshots by Ken Drew)

It was funk night at Kansas Smitty's tonight with the band digging deep into a couple of classic Herbie Hancock albums. Yes, it was the 1970's once more. The repetitive riffs, the dance floor grooves, the synth sounds, the pounding percussion, the throbbing bass - it was all there. Come back lost youth where did you go to?
Palm Grease from Thrust lasted about 10 minutes, maybe longer as the solos circulated back and forth and already my feet were tapping. Actual Proof saw tenor king Harper dusting off his flute whilst bass guitarist Moore impressed on the four stringer, her fingers way way up the fingerboard. In the second set she'd switch to a five stringer. Butterfly  saw the set and the album out.

The second set had a couple of numbers from the Headhunters' album - probably Herbie's two most well-known pieces - both of which have served their times at jam sessions the world over.

Watermelon Man bore only passing resemblance to the original version on Blue Note but it still allowed everyone to have a good workout. Harper had two bites of the cherry blowing both flute and tenor solos. 

Chameleon went on and on and that's not a criticism. As Barry pointed out the full version has so many sections that what you hear at a jam is but a small part of the whole. I felt privileged to hear it in its entirety.

Throughout, Jas Kayser was a tower of strength - when is she not? - and she drove it along, always hitting the right groove. Her collaboration with percussionist Caetano served to heighten the tension even higher.

Another winner!

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