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Saturday, February 06, 2021

FORJ - A new concept of releasing music

(Press Release)

‘Skirfare’: an adventurous 120-album project giving creative control to the listener FORJ is an exciting quartet led by drummer Jonathan Silk, featuring the critically acclaimed and long-time friend and collaborator, Nick Jurd on double bass alongside the incredible musicianship of two of London’s finest improvisers, Joe Wright and Josh Arcoleo on tenor saxophones. The band promises high octane grooves and expansive improvisation across a whole series of original compositions.

“A wild, muscular delight.” - London Jazz News.

“It was a joy to hear the interaction between Wright and Arcoleo” - Tony Dudley-Evans.

With their debut album release ‘Skirfare’, FORJ seek to challenge the normal process by which we record and release improvised music. This album gives a way of framing the openness with which the quartet plays and questions the normal studio process:

“It did not feel appropriate to represent this band by choosing one take of a piece that has travelled many different ways every time it is performed. Instead we wanted to give the listener the opportuni￾ty to choose their own album, bringing them closer to the music and the band as a result.”

‘Skirfare’ pays tribute to bad manners, picturesque beauty spots, Birmingham’s finest roofer, projects of old and simple word play. The lively ‘Interruption’ features Arcoleo and Wright weaving and diving as they seek to challenge the other’s narrative at every turn. Contrasting ‘Roundwoods’ is dedicated to a quiet, tidal river spot in the South West. Our favourite Brummie-based ‘Gutterologist’ explores playful humour whilst hard-hitting ‘Trope’ combines our free approach to improvisation with driving momentum from Jurd and Silk. ‘Half Marathon’ adopts a peaceful and thought-provoking dedication to the creative joy in simple things.

With five different compositions, each version of a tune can seamlessly transition to any of the other tunes in the album regardless of whether they were recorded together or not.

FORJ then put that decision in the listener’s hands.

A bespoke website, designed by Joe Wright, is the only place to access this music. This interactive user interface allows the listener to choose their own order of tunes. The website then produces the individual version of album based on the chosen setlist and packages this into a download. Listeners can return to the website as much as they like - perfect for those who want to ‘try out’ other combinations and explore the concept and the music further.

‘Skirfare’ is accompanied by a collection of unique and highly creative collages commissioned to support the release. Creative photography and design from David Stanley (GuriBosh) has produced a set of bespoke visual representations of the music: one for every recording of every tune. A segment of these individual collages also combines under the listener’s choice to form dedicated artwork unique to each version of the album.

The result is a bespoke set of music and art forming 120 album combinations, selected by the listener, and framing FORJ’s improvisational approach in a unique and creative way.

“With a unique album download, we hope the listener will feel a personal connection with the music and the band.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All compositions written by Jonathan Silk except ‘Trope’ - written by Nick Jurd. All rights reserved.

All track listings are made up of these five tunes - the order will vary depending on each listener’s personal choice:

Interruption; Roundwoods; Gutterologist; Trope; Half Marathon.

Release date: Friday 5th February 2021

Available from:

Josh Arcoleo - Tenor saxophone; Joe Wright - Tenor saxophone; Nick Jurd - Double Bass; Jonathan Silk - Drums

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