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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Félix Lemerle Quartet live streaming from Small's, NYC - Feb. 10

Félix Lemerle (guitar); Nicole Glover (tenor sax); Ben Meigners (double bass); Mark Johnson (drums)

It appears to be the case that donors - institutions, organisations and individuals - are keeping Small's going. This evening's concert, sponsored by the FACE Foundation and Cultural Services of the French Embassy, presented NYC based French guitarist Félix Lemerle's debut performance at the Greenwich Village venue. 

It was to be a performance without commentary from Lemerle, not one word spoken during the hour long set. This was a shame as it would have been nice to hear something from the man. However, what we did hear was some great jazz. Nicole Glover from Portland, Oregon, blew an authoratitive tenor sax solo, there would be more. Small's less than perfect audio stream didn't do Lemerle any favours whether soloing or in rhythmic support. 

Bass and drums covered all bases; Ben Meigners with a penchant for an arco bass solo, Mark Johnson making his presence felt. The one instantly  recognisable number of the set - 'Round Midnight - illustrated Lemerle's admirable qualities of sensitivity and restraint. The quartet went out on a Caribbean-Latin vibe.     


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