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Friday, February 05, 2021

KSTV: Adrian Cox Plays Irving Fazola - Feb. 5

Adrian Cox (clarinet/vocals); Dave Archer (guitar); Daisy George (bass); Jas Kayser (drums).

(Screenshots by Ken Drew)

Irving Fazola was the subject of tonight's musical dissertation and who better to deliver it than another clarinet wizard - Adrian Cox. Over the past few months Adrian has delved into the music of many clarinet legends such as Omer Simeon, Albert Nicholas and Jimmie Noone on his "Sunday Sermons" which are live streamed at 1:00pm every Sunday lunchtime. These are usually done solo or with one other musician so it was a real treat to hear him tonight with three other top players.

New Orleans born Fazola had a short but very productive life - he died aged 36 - playing in many bands including Ben Pollack, Jess Stacy and, most famously, with Bob Crosby picking up two DownBeat awards as number one clarinetist in 1940 and 1941. 

Cox himself should surely be in the running for an award or two, for his playing maybe even for his singing but don't put your shirt on it.

The quartet kicked off with Alice Blue Gown. Not the dirge-like waltz version but an uptempo swinger that had everyone smiling - even behind the masks you could tell they were smiling.

Am I Blue? Great tune and Adrian's vocal didn't do it any harm. One of the telling points of this stream was Jas on drums. Fazola came from New Orleans so our gal drummed appropriately lots of press rolls, and other trademarks of the Crescent City had me imagining I was parading on South Rampart St. Her solo on Hindustan combining the old traditional feeling with the rhythm of today.

Dave Archer too was at the top of his game. Playing acoustic and he took some tastily chorded solos.

Daisy George was on the money on every number and when the call came she answered it to perfection.

Another gem from KSTV.

Alice Blue Gown; Am I Blue? Clarinet Blues; Someday Sweetheart; Hindustan; Breeze; Sympathy; Pagan Love Song; Farewell Blues.

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