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Saturday, February 06, 2021

KSTV: Alec Harper Quartet playback Hank Mobley's Soul Station - Feb. 6

Alec Harper (tenor sax); Deschanel Gordon (piano); Will Sach (bass); Luca Caruso (drums).
(Screenshots by Ken Drew)

When a playback session at Smitty's also happens to be centred around one of my own personal favourites I worry. Will it fall short of the original? Will it be disrespectful?

It only took a few bars to show that my fears on this occasion were unfounded. Despite having to step into the size 19 shoes of Mobley, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Art Blakey, tonight's team came through with flying colours.

Harper described Hank Mobley as "the middleweight champion of the saxophone" meaning that he straddled the centre ground between say, Lester and Getz and Dexter, Rollins and 'Trane. The former being the lights and welters, the latter the cruisers and heavyweights. Harper, I would suggest, is by that classification, - i.e. sound - a super middle. By any other definition he is a leading contender among the heavies.

Having listened to the album so many times over the years that I could almost sing it backwards this was like a breath of fresh air. All four players capture the mood perfectly and when I eventually wear out my old Blue Note this will do very nicely thank you very much!

Apart from the brilliance of Harper, Sach and the great Caruso I can't help but notice how much Desch seems to grow in musical stature with each session. He too is a contender...

Absolutely loved this one!

Remember; This I Dig of You; Dig this; Split Feelin's; Soul station; If I Should Lose You.

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