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Charles McPherson: “Jazz is best heard in intimate places”. (DownBeat, July, 2024).

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Hudson Music: Lance's "Bebop Spoken Here" is one of the heaviest and most influential jazz blogs in the UK.

Rupert Burley (Dynamic Agency): "BSH just goes from strength to strength".

'606' Club: "A toast to Lance Liddle of the terrific jazz blog 'Bebop Spoken Here'"

The Strictly Smokin' Big Band included Be Bop Spoken Here (sic) in their 5 Favourite Jazz Blogs.

Ann Braithwaite (Braithwaite & Katz Communications) You’re the BEST!

Holly Cooper, Mouthpiece Music: "Lance writes pull quotes like no one else!"

Simon Spillett: A lovely review from the dean of jazz bloggers, Lance Liddle...

Josh Weir: I love the writing on bebop spoken here... I think the work you are doing is amazing.


16590 (and counting) posts since we started blogging 16 years ago. 483 of them this year alone and, so far, 29 this month (July 14).

From This Moment On ...


Sat 20: Snake Davis & Helen Watson Duo @ Chopwell Community Centre NE17 7HZ. 7:30pm. £17.50.

Sun 21: Paul Skerritt @ Hibou Blanc, Newcastle. 2:00pm.
Sun 21: Salty Dog @ The Globe, Newcastle. 3:00pm.
Sun 21: 4B @ The Ticket Office, Whitley Bay. 3:00pm. Free. Sun 21: The Big Easy @ The White Room, Stanley. 5:00pm.
Sun 21: Ben Crosland Quartet @ The Globe, Newcastle. 8:00pm.

Mon 22: Harmony Brass @ Cullercoats Crescent Club. 1:00pm. Free.

Tue 23: Nomade Swing Trio @ Newcastle House Hotel, Rothbury. 7:30pm. £10.00. Tickets from Tully’s of Rothbury or at the door (cash only). A Coquetdale Jazz event.

Wed 24: Vieux Carré Jazzmen @ Cullercoats Crescent Club. 1:00pm. Free.
Wed 24: Darlington Big Band @ Darlington & Simpson Rolling Mills Social Club, Darlington. 7:00pm. Free. Rehearsal session (open to the public).
Wed 24: The Ronnie Scott’s Story @ The Fire Station, Sunderland. 7:30pm.
Wed 24: Take it to the Bridge @ The Globe, Newcastle. 7:30pm. Free.
Wed 24: Milne-Glendinning Band @ Cafédral, Owengate, Durham. 9:00pm. £9.00. & £6.00. A Durham Fringe Festival event.

Thu 25: Merlin Roxby @ Prohibition Bar, Newcastle. 8:00pm. Free. Ragtime piano. A ‘Jar on the Bar’ gig.
Thu 25: Tees Hot Club @ Dorman’s Club, Middlesbrough. 8:30pm. Guests: Garry Hadfield (keys); Noel Dennis (tpt); Richie Emmerson (tenor sax); Adrian Beadnell (bass).
Thu 25: Milne-Glendinning Band @ Cafédral, Owengate, Durham. 9:00pm. £9.00. & £6.00. A Durham Fringe Festival event.

Fri 26: Classic Swing @ Cullercoats Crescent Club. 1:00pm. Free.
Fri 26: Rendezvous Jazz @ The Monkseaton Arms. 1:00pm. Free.
Fri 26: New Orleans Preservation Jazz Band @ The Oxbridge Hotel, Stockton. 1:00pm. £5.00.
Fri 26: Stuart Turner @ Prohibition Bar, Newcastle. 8:00pm. Free. A ‘Jar on the Bar’ gig.
Fri 26: Milne-Glendinning Band @ Cafédral, Owengate, Durham. 9:00pm. £9.00. & £6.00. A Durham Fringe Festival event.
Fri 26: Bold Big Band @ Old Coal Yard, Byker, Newcastle. 9:30pm. A Newcastle Fringe Festival event.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Whitley Bay Classic Jazz Party - Village Inn, Shiremoor.

Here is the running order for those farsighted enough to book early. For the rest I'm afraid booking starts in November for next year's event.
(Times approximate, allowing for changeovers between sets)
12 noon – 1.00pm: From Rags to Raggin’ The Scale                         
Keith Nichols is joined by Martin Wheatley (banjo/guitar), Emma Fisk (violin), Norman Field (reeds) and Frans Sjöström (bass sax) in a programme of piano ragtime and early “chamber jazz” to open the Party
1.00-2.00pm: Really The Blues                                   
Switzerland’s Thomas Winteler recalls the great reed duets made with various frontline partners by the titanic Sidney Bechet. With Stéphane Gillot and Matthias Seuffert (reeds), Martin Seck (piano), Henry Lemaire (banjo & guitar), Manu Hagmann (bass) and Richard Pite (drums)           
2.00-2.30pm: Blue Guitars          
Spats Langham and Martin Wheatley recreate the phenomenal duet recordings of Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang, the latter playing under the pseudonym “Blind Willie Dunn” as a sop to the prejudice against “mixed” sessions prevalent at that time
2.30-3.00pm: Too Sweet For Words                        
Pianist Lovie Austin was queen of the Chicago South Side jazz scene in the twenties. Her recordings with her Blues Serenaders are recalled by René Hagmann (cornet), Thomas Winteler (clarinet & soprano), Jens Lindgren (trombone), Martin Litton (piano), Roly Veitch (banjo) and Josh Duffee (drums & washboard)
3.00-4.00pm: Whoopee Stomp 
The Whoopee Makers recorded many sides in 1928/29. Andy Schumm leads this set in memory of Jimmy McPartland, with Alistair Allan (trombone), Michael McQuaid & Norman Field (reeds), Keith Nichols (piano), Spats Langham (banjo/ guitar), Frans Sjöström (bass sax), Phil Rutherford (sousa) and Richard Pite (drums)
4.00-5.00pm: Oh! Mister Jelly!  
Martin Litton leads his Red Hot Peppers in a programme of the music of the legendary Jelly Roll Morton: with Martin are Enrico Tomasso (trumpet), Kristoffer Kompen (trombone), Matthias Seuffert and Michael McQuaid (reeds), Martin Wheatley (banjo & guitar), Malcolm Sked bass & sousa) and Nick Ward (drums)
7.30-8.30pm: Fifty Hot Choruses              
In 1927, Louis Armstrong recorded 50 Hot Choruses for trumpet. Bent Persson puts these gems into  complete tunes, with Jens Lindgren (trombone), Thomas Winteler, René Hagmann & Jean-François Bonnel (reeds), Martin Seck (piano), Jean-Pierre Dubois (banjo), Frans Sjöström (bass sax) and Josh Duffee (drums)
8.30-9.00pm: The Hottest Man In Town                
Spats Langham, ukulele and vocal, pays homage to one of his heroes, the eccentric singer Cliff Edwards (also known as Ukulele Ike). With Norman Field (reeds), Keith Nichols (piano) and Frans Sjöström (bass sax)
9.00pm-9.30pm                : Come On Over To My Place, Baby                         
Cécile McLorin Salvant sings songs by Julia Lee, a fine blues singer/pianist/songwriter from the 1940s; backing by  Rico Tomasso (trumpet), Kristoffer Kompen (trombone), Matthias Seuffert & Jean-François  Bonnel (reeds), Martin Litton (piano), Roly Veitch (guitar), Manu Hagmann (bass), Richard Pite (drums)
9.30-10.00pm: Goin’ Hunting                    
South Side pianist/composer Jimmy Bertrand’s sidesmen included Louis, Johnny Dodds and Punch Miller. Bent Persson (trumpet), Thomas Winteler (clarinet), Keith Nichols (piano) and Nick Ward (washboard) play a selection  of his recordings for you
10.00-10.30pm: Sing Me A Torch Song
Cecile McLorin Salvant and Spats Langham sing songs of lost love, unrequited love and general wistfulness, with sentimental accompaniment from Duke Heitger (trumpet), Alstair Allan (trombone), Norman Field (reeds), Emma Fisk (violin), Martin Litton (piano),  Henry Lemaire (bass) and Richard Pite (drums)
10.30-11.30pm: That Syncopated Melody Man                 
A tribute to singer Red McKenzie, with Andy Schumm (blue-blowing), Mike Durham (trumpet), Jens Lindgren (trombone), Norman Field &  Jean-François Bonnel (reeds) Martin Seck (piano), Spats Langham (banjo & guitar), Frans Sjöström (bass sax), Malcolm Sked (bass), Emma Fisk (violin), Josh Duffee (drums)
11.30pm-12.30am (in the Victory Pub):  The Blue Rhythmakers 
A rare reunion session by a band that first saw light of day on a Stomp Off recording in 2001: Bent Persson, Matthias Seuffert, Kristoffer Kompen, Keith Nichols, Martin Wheatley, Frans Sjöström and Nick Ward star in our first late-night session (followed by open Jam Session from 12.30am to whenever they close the bar…..)
10.30-11.30am: Jazz On Film (Inspiration Suite Lobby)
An eclectic selection of clips presented by Jonathan David Holmes
11.30am-12 noon:  Lightly And Politely
Martin Litton plays a programme dedicated to that most elegant of piano stylists, the great Teddy Wilson
12.00 – 1.00pm:  Perdido Street Blues
As leader of the 1926 New Orleans Wanderers/Bootblacks, the gifted Lil Armstrong recorded eight of her own numbers. Bent Persson (trumpet), Matthias Seuffert & Stéphane Gillot (reeds), Jens Lindgren (trombone), Martin Seck (piano), Martin Wheatley (banjo) and Malcolm Sked (bass) play them for you
1.00-2.00pm: A Handful Of Pennies                        
Ernest Loring “Red” Nichols was one of the busiest bandleaders of the classic era. This set led by Keith Nichols and featuring  Andy Schumm (cornet), Alistair Allan (trombone), Michael McQuaid, (reeds), Martin Wheatley banjo & guitar), Frans Sjöström (bass sax) and Nick Ward (drums) recalls some of his music.
2.00-2.30pm: Four’s A-Plenty!                   
Especially when that four is the 1940 Bechet-Spanier Big Four! This early hot “super group” is recreated for us today with Jean-François Bonnel (soprano & clarinet) and René Hagmann (cornet) in the rôles of Bechet and Muggsy respectively, backed by Roly Veitch (guitar) and Manu Hagmann (bass)
2.30-3.00pm:  They Called Him Al….
Al Bowlly, that is, possibly Britain’s most charismatic male vocalist of the classic era. Spats Langham and the boys bring you some of Al’s greatest hits. With Rico Tomasso (trumpet), Jens Lindgren (trombone), Norman Field (reeds), Martin Litton (piano), Emma Fisk (violin), Manu Hagmann (bass) and Richard Pite (drums)
3.00-4.00pm:  Take A Note From The South
The Graeme Bell band from Australia revitalised British jazz in the fifties with their joyous approach and many original tunes. In various combinations with Humphrey Lyttelton’s band, they made some great recordings for Parlophone during their 1951 visit, and thanks to Melbourne’s own Michael McQuaid you can hear this music today. Variously, the band comprises Duke Heitger and Bent Persson (trumpets), Kristoffer Kompen (trombone), Michael McQuaid, Stéphane Gillot and Thomas Winteler (reeds), Martin Seck (piano), Henry Lemaire (banjo & guitar), Malcom Sked (sousa & string bass) and Nick Ward (drums)
4.00-5.00pm: We’ll Make Fun for You
Another set selected from the music of McKinney’s Cotton Pickers by Josh Duffee. Rico Tomasso, René Hagmann & Andy Schumm (trumpets), Kris Kompen (trombone), Matthias Seuffert, Jean-François Bonnel  & Michael McQuaid (reeds), Keith Nichols (piano), Martin Wheatley (banjo) and Richard Pite (sousa)
7.30-8.30pm: The Song Of The Banjo                      
Believe it or not, that’s the title of an 1894 poem by Rudyard Kipling: Martin Wheatley and Spats Langham combine to demonstrate exactly what songs the banjo was singing around the turn of the previous century
8.00pm-9.00pm   Kris Kompen Swings on the Teagarden Gate  
Weldon Leo Teagarden (better known as Jack) was possibly the greatest white jazz trombonist of them all. Kris Kompen pays tribute, with help from Duke Heitger (trumpet), Matthias Seuffert and Norman Field (reeds), Spats Langham (banjo & guitar), Martin Litton (piano), Manu Hagmann (bass), Richard Pite(drums)
9.00-9.30pm:  A Real Sweetheart – Lillie Delk Christian  
Lillie Delk Christian is an enigma – she made 14 sides for Okeh accompanied by stars like Armstrong, Noone and Hines, then disappeared from view. Cécile McLorin Salvant sings some of the tunes Lillie recorded, with Bent Persson (cornet), Thomas Winteler (clarinet), Keith Nichols (piano)& Martin Wheatley (banjo & guit9.30-10.30pm:            The Lady Who Swings The Band
Mary Lou Williams was the fine pianist/arranger with Andy Kirk’s Twelve Clouds Of Joy throughout the 1930s. Martin Litton leads this tribute to her, with Rico Tomasso, Duke Heitger & Bent Persson (trumpets), Alistair Allan & Kris Kompen (trombones), Michael McQuaid, Matthias Seuffert, Stéphane Gillot & Frans Sjöström (reeds) , Emma Fisk (violin), Martin Litton (piano), Spats Langham (banjo & guitar), Malcolm Sked (sousa & bass), Richard Pite (drums)
10.30-11.30pm: Missouri Moan
When the Missourians came out of the Midwest in 1929 they were very hot, if a bit rough around the edges. Then Cab Calloway took over leadership…..  with Andy Schumm & René Hagmann (trumpets), Alstair Allan (trombone), Matthias Seuffert, Michael McQuaid & Jean-François Bonnel (reeds), Martin Seck (piano), Martin Wheatley (banjo), Phil Rutherford (sousa), Josh Duffee (drums) and Keith Nichols (MC & vocal)    
LATE HOUR SESSION – VICTORY PUB (followed by open Jam Session)
11.30pm-12.30am: Duke’s Big Six                            
New Orleans-based trumpet ace Duke Heitger leads Jens Lindgren (trombone), Thomas Winteler (clarinet & soprano), Spats Langham (banjo & guitar). Henry Lemaire (bass) and Nick Ward (drums): Hot Stuff!
10.30-11.30am:  Jazz On Film II (Inspiration Suite Lobby)
Further filmic explorations with Jonathan David Holmes
11.30am-12 noon:   Roll ‘Em, Boy, Make Me Jump For Joy!
Martin Seck serves up a rousing half-hour of boogie piano to start the day’s music         
12.00-1.00pm:  Forty Years of Jazz
Matthias Seuffert sets out to capture a selection of different classic jazz giants,styles and periods, using his own original compositions. With Rico Tomasso (trumpet), Matthias and Jean-François Bonnel (reeds), Martin Litton (piano), Martin Wheatley (banjo & guitar), Manu Hagmann (bass) and Josh Duffee (drums)       
1.00 – 2.00pm:   Papa De Da Da 
Clarence Williams’ Blue Five starred Armstrong and Bechet, with Clarence’s wife, Eva Taylor, on vocals. Their 1923-25 sides are remembered by Bent Persson (cornet), Thomas Winteler & Stéphane Gillot (reeds), Jens Lindgren (trombone), Martin Seck (piano), Henry Lemaire (banjo) and Cécile McLorin Salvant (vocals)
2.00-3.00pm:  Blues In My Heart
Benny Carter played and arranged for Ellington and Fletcher Henderson, also leading his own band. Matthias Seuffert explores his 1930s work, assisted by René Hagmann (trumpet), Alistair Allan (trombone), Martin Litton (piano), Spats Langham (banjo & guitar), Henry Lemaire (bass) and Richard Pite (drums)
3.00-4.00pm:  Trumbology                          
Josh Duffee celebrates the Trumbauer Orchestra with Andy Schumm & Duke Heitger (trumpets), Kristoffer Kompen (trombone), Michael  McQuaid, Stéphane Gillot & Matthias Seuffert (reeds), Keith Nichols (piano), Martin Wheatley (banjo & guitar), Emma Fisk (violin), Frans Sjöström (bass sax) and Norman Field as Tram
4.0 0-5.00pm:  Miss Lil & Lady Blanche
Lil Armstrong and Blanche Calloway were both excellent bandleaders, but overshadowed by husband Louis in one case and little brother Cab in the other. To help redress that, we feature Lil with her Swing Band and Blanche with her Orchestra, played by Bent Persson & Rico Tomasso (trumpets), Alistair Allan (trombone), Jean-François Bonnel, Rene Hagmann & Thomas Winteler (reeds), Martin Seck (piano), Roly Veitch (banjo/guitar), Malcolm Sked (string bass/sousa), Nick Ward (drums) and Cécile McLorin Salvant (vocals)

7.30-8.30pm:  Save It, Pretty Mama        
Bent Persson takes a look at the 1928 Hot Five recordings he made with that other musical giant, Earl Hines. With Bent will be Kristoffer Kompen (trombone), Michael McQuaid & Jean-François Bonnel (reeds), Spats Langham (banjo & guitar), Martin Litton (piano), Nick Ward (drums) and Rico Tomasso (vocals)
8.30-9.30pm:  That Gets It, Mister Joe!  
Joe “King” Oliver’s 1926-28 recordings with his Dixie/Savannah Syncopators aresome of the hottest early big-band jazz ever put on wax. Keith Nichols has recreated the original scores and assembled a red-hot bunch to play them - Duke Heitger and Andy Schumm (trumpets), Jens Lindgren (trombone), René  Hagmann, Matthias Seuffert and Gavin Lee (reeds), Keith himself on piano, Martin Wheatley (banjo), Phil  Rutherford (sousa), Josh Duffee (drums ) and with special guest Norman Field (clarinet)   
9.30-10.30pm:   New Orleans Shuffle
The Halfway House Orchestra played in the New Orleans roadhouse of the same name, 1923-1930. Michael McQuaid presents their music, played by Andy Schumm (cornet), Michael and Stéphane Gillot (reeds), Martin Seck (piano), Spats Langham (banjo), Malcolm Sked (string bass & sousa) and Nick Ward (drums)
10.30-11.30:  Sing, Sing, Sing!   
What better way to end the official proceedings than with some 1937 Benny Goodman? Matthias Seuffert in the BG rôle fronts a powerhouse crew under the musical direction of Keith Nichols and featuring Duke Heitger, Rico Tomasso and Bent Persson (trumpets), Alistair Allan and Kristoffer Kompen (trombones), René  Hagmann, Stéphane Gillot, Jean-François Bonnel and Michael McQuaid (reeds), Keith Nichols (piano), Martin Wheatley (guitar), Henry Lemaire (bass), Richard Pite (drums) and Cécile McLorin Salvant (vocals)
11.45pm-12.30am (in the Victory Pub):   Farewell Blues                       
Andy Schumm (cornet), Jens Lindgren Trombone), Thomas Winteler (clarinet & soprano), Martin Seck (piano), Roly  Veitch (banjo & guitar) and Frans Sjöström (bass sax) play us out into the small hours….

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