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Friday, May 08, 2020

Observations on The Eddy - the story so far.

Well I've watched the first 4 episodes of Netflix's new series, The Eddy, set in a Paris jazz club, which means there are 4 more to go.

I was somewhat confused after the first episode as it was difficult to relate to who was who and how important their role was going to be.

However, as the series enfolds and the plot thickens, it becomes more accessible and I found myself developing an affinity with each character (the good guys), understanding and sympathising with their situations whilst not necessarily going along with their responses.

The music is great (hard bop verging on free with some great vocals from the band's singer) and, I gather, played by the actors themselves, but as the story progresses, the music becomes secondary but no less important. 

This is the Paris the tourist rarely sees - the Champs Élyssée could be in a different country, even another planet.

Can't wait to watch the concluding episodes.

File this alongside 'Round Midnight, Paris Blues and Sven Klang's Kventett - all unmissable jazz based movies.

1 comment :

Patti said...

I managed to sort out Netflix for my telly, finally ...... and have now watched the first Eddy episode. It's given me a good taste so far - and I'm definitely going to watch more. Who else thinks Elliot looks like Thierry Henry, btw? I like the fact that it's set in one of the Paris suburbs too, and in modern times.

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