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Immanuel Wilkins: "I'm against the notion of telling a story through lyrics. Dialogue or language can take away from the musical meaning. Words can do a disservice." - (The Hot House Jazz Guide January 19, 2021)

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Thursday January 21



12,377 (and counting) posts since we started blogging 12 years ago. 96 of them this year alone and, so far, 96 this month (Jan. 20).

Monday, May 18, 2020

Preview: Wynton Marsalis: the making of a jazzman - May 18

Tune to the BBC World Service at lunchtime today (Monday, 12:05pm) for a forty five minute exploration of the life and work of renowned trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. Outlook's Emily Webb presents Wynton Marsalis: the making of a jazzman with, in all likelihood, contributions from Wynton's family, friends and bandmates.

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