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Sunday, May 03, 2020

Haruka Kikuchi and Z2 Live in their Front Yard - May 3

Haruka Kikuchi (trombone); Yoshitaka "Z2" Tsuji (keys).

Two Japanese musicians live in their garden, or yard as they call them over in New Orleans. One of them, a young mum whose idol is Kid Ory, the other a pianist whose idol is Oscar Peterson. Together, they played some very listenable jazz.

Haruka impressed everyone a couple of years back when she appeared with the Shake 'Em Up Jazz Band at the Durham Brass Festival as well as at other gigs in the region. Kay Collin heard the band in Edinburgh and Russell dug them at last year's Bix Festival over in Wisconsin.

That a woman can multi-task was proved (as if proof were needed!) by seeing Haruka blowing trombone, manipulating a plunger mute and giving baby Shouta some toys without missing a beat. I wonder if Shouta will become a trombone player? Daddy Z2 says the name sounds like showtime so the signs are promising!

Despite their different musical leanings "He likes bebop, I like New Orleans" said Haruka in an interview that can be read here, the pair gel well together and it was a delight to hear them in what looked to be a lovely area of the Big Easy. Z2 may have been bop orientated, and it showed in some of his solos but, when it came to backing his wife it was pure New Orleans - Japan was a long way away.

They kicked off with a few moon tunes: How High the Moon (Haruka's idol may be Kid Ory but she finished off the tune with a flattened fifth - the "Kid" would be turning in his grave!); It's Only a Paper Moon; Moonglow; Get Out and Get Under the Moon and Moon River

These were followed by It Don't Mean a Thing; Struttin' With Some Barbecue; What a Wonderful World; Fly Me To the Moon and a number that hadn't a title but seemed to typify New Orleans today. 

A very pleasant afternoon down in Louisiana.

Catch up here.

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