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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Will Arnold-Forster Trio live streaming from Kansas Smitty's - Jan. 6

Will Arnold-Forster (guitar); Tom Farmer (bass); Jas Kayser (drums).

(Screenshot courtesy of Ken Drew)

After the frenetic blowing sessions of the past couple of nights, tonight offered a relaxing contrast so, appropriately, I opted for a soupcon of Sauvignon Blanc as opposed to a can (or 3) of Abbot Ale.

Tonight's theme was the music of Jim Hall by way of his own compositions or songs he'd recorded. 

The trio opened with Receipt Please and Romaine followed by Skating in Central Park. The arco bass solo on the latter number sounded almost like a cello - Tom's fingers were right up at what embryo bassists would call the dusty end! Skating in Central Park has a lovely chord sequence that reminds me of an old MJQ number which isn't surprising as MJQ leader John Lewis composed both! 

Love Letters always reminds me of You Stepped Out of a Dream although, strangely, never vice versa! Will (yet another one - change your name to Will and you'll get a gig here!) erroneously attributed Love Letters to Vincent Youmans when actually it was composed by Victor Young (still, he did get the initials right!)

A Jim Hall original, Bimini, had Jas working out - oh baby she's got it!

Deep in a Dream has long been a fave of mine since I first heard it sung by Helen Forrest on an Artie Shaw record. I think both Artie and Helen, along with Jim Hall, would have approved of this version and, indeed, the whole show.

The final number was an unannounced blues that followed the previous path - ace!

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