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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Your Blog Needs You!

Well now that we're all in jail - sorry lockdown - with lots of spare time on our hands it seems like a good moment to ask our readers to put down their knitting and do some writing.

Local TV has shown folks across the region feverishly knitting which is to be applauded, especially  if you are playing an outdoor gig in the freezing cold which is when you need a well-knitted sweater more than you need a chord book. 

But, as you're unlikely to need a sweater for an indoor or outdoor gig in the foreseeable future, why not, instead, turn your fingers to putting your jazz thoughts on line?

I'm not just addressing players but also their spouses - what it's like when the other half hasn't got a gig.

You can write about anything. This will be cast in stone and, in the years to come, your kids, your grand-kids when they ask "What did you do in the Pandemic daddy?" They will be told "It's all on Bebop Spoken Here".

Send your submissions to or by post c/o my neighbour three doors up in the downstairs flat.

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