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Wednesday February 24



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Saturday, January 09, 2021

Tony Pitt (1940 - January 8, 2021)

Guitarist/banjoist Tony Pitt died yesterday. The list of bands whose rhythm section he enhanced is seemingly endless. Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball, Alex Welsh, Alan Elsdon, Mike Cotton, Terry Lightfoot, Phil Mason and, of course, the Tony Pitt All Stars.

Trombonist Ian Bateman broke the news with a heartfelt tribute on Facebook remembering the time they worked together in the Terry Lightfoot Band.

Tony Pitt was 79.

Sadly missed


In the photo Tony Pitt is at the far right of the picture which was taken at the Saville Exchange, North Shields in April 2009. The band is the Phil Mason All Stars.

Phil Mason (cnt), Mickey Potts (tmb), Roger Myerscough (bar/clt), Tony Pitt (bjo), Trevor Williams (bs), Laurie Chescoe (dms/wbd), Christine Tyrell (vcl).


Corrina said...

Thank you for your kind words for my dad. It means a lot

Patti said...

Corrina - your Dad was a sweet guy and a wonderful musician. The outpouring of love for him on the social media (Facebook for me!) has been tremendous - all from other musicians who've worked with your Dad over the years, and from fans like me ....... I've seen your Dad several times with TJ's band up here in the North East, and at the Keswick Festival. Hold all your memories of him tight, and know that he was so well loved. Best wishes from Newcastle.

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