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Saturday, January 09, 2021

Album review - Shapeshifters

Anna Chandler (alto sax); Sam Quintana (bass); Steve Hanley (drums).

Shapeshifters, not to be confused with other bands of the same or similar name, are a Leeds-based contemporary jazz trio who
laid down these tracks in 2019 and planned to tour with them in the spring of last year and, of course, spring really did hang us up the most.

So, rather than wait until an uncertain future made touring possible again the trio decided to release the album anyway and the launch will take place from 7:00pm to 8:00pm on January 25 in the form of a live stream Facebook gig.

It will be well worth putting a reminder in your diary as it's quite a delightful vignette. 
Chandler's cool alto defrosts as the session progresses her tone ranging from early Art Pepper to his later, grittier, Coltranic sound. She also composed four of the six tracks with Hanley providing a fifth along with his reworking of All Blues.

The drummer slots in nicely providing the drive as well as soloing. In the absence of a piano the onus is on Quintana to provide the harmonic foundation which he does admirably.


Dark Murmers; High Flyer; Mind Hoover (Hanley); Oh No; Hiding Away; Cliff Hangin' (arranged Hanley based on All Blues).

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