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Monday, January 11, 2021

Glenn Crytzer Quartet live streaming from NYC for the Tri-State Jazz Society - Jan. 10

Mike Davis (trumpet); Ricky Alexander (clarinet, tenor sax); Glenn Crytzer (guitar, vocals); Andrew Hall (double bass)

Traditional Jazz in Delaware Valley: Keeping Early Jazz Alive encapsulates what Tri-State Jazz Society is all about. In these pandemic times jazz clubs the world over have struggled to put together anything resembling a concert schedule but one event which did go ahead was Glenn Crtyzer's long-standing engagement with the Philadelphia-based society. Yes, it went ahead alright but, you've guessed it, it took place across various online platforms. Guitarist Crytzer's quartet stayed home in NYC to play two forty five minute sets. Less than twelve months ago the Delaware Valley organisers could never have imagined their concert programme could attract interest from around the globe! 

All God's Chillun Got Rhythm for openers, the quartet in the groove from the off, not surprising given the boys are old hands at this live stream lark. It also helps that this was the band's second gig in two days, something of a rarity in these strange times (see LL's review of Crytzer's Saturday show). Sound balance good, picture good, keep it simple. Front man Crytzer did the talking - and the singing - supported by his ace band mates, Mike Davis, trumpet, Ricky Alexander, clarinet and tenor sax, and standing tall, string bassist Andrew Hall. 

How Can You Face Me? then the first of several Irving Berlin numbers - A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody. Hoagy got in on the act with Jubilee. Mr Crytzer isn't slow,  shy or forgetful in mentioning the 'tip jar'. Every cent counts! The Glory of Love, more Berlin with How Deep is the Ocean? More Gershwin - Can't we be Friends, and to close out the first set, Brother Can You Spare a Dime? followed by Dinah.       

An 'intermission' of some twenty minutes or so was filled by Tri-State Jazz Society parish notices. Refreshed, Crytzer's suited and booted boys returned to play another choice selection. This Can't be Love resumed matters, Hoagy's You or Me featured Crytzer's vocals, followed by a study in trumpet styles: Dapper Mike Davis first demonstrating Louis Armstrong's sound on Big Butter and Egg Man, then Bix's approach on I'm Coming Virginia - great stuff! 

More Irving Berlin with Ricky Alexander's clarinet highlighted on Alexander's Ragtime Band. Back to Hoagy for Heart and Soul. Did Chet Baker ever play the number? If he didn't, he should have done, it's as if it was made for him! Band leader Crytzer took another vocal on Old Grand Dad. According to Crytzer Old Grand-Dad was Fats Waller's favourite whisky. As the second set drew to a close, Crytzer pondered the set list, suggesting to his band mates Pennies from Heaven. Some discussion ensued as to which key to play it in. The quartet settled on the key of A, seemingly an unlikely, if not difficult, choice of key. Crytzer looked down the camera lens and said: See you at the end! 

It had been an enjoyable couple of hours or so. The Glenn Crytzer Quartet went out on Swing That Music. Check out Crytzer's weekly (Sundays, 7:30pm GMT) live stream sessions at And do take a look at Tri-State's activities at             
Set list: All God's Chillun Got RhythmHow Can You Face Me?A Pretty Girl is Like a MelodyJubileeI'll Be Loving You Always;The Glory of LoveHow Deep is the Ocean?Can't We be FriendsBrother Can You Spare a Dime? Dinah


This Can't Be LoveYou or MeBig Butter and Egg ManI'm Coming VirginiaAlexander's Ragtime BandHeart and SoulSugarOld Grand-DadPlease Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneIf I Have YouPennies from HeavenSwing That Music

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