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Monday, January 11, 2021

Album review: Henry Robinett Quartet - Jazz Standards Volume Two "Then Again"

Henry Robinett (guitar); Joe Gilman (piano); Chris Symer (bass); Michael Stephans (drums).

Recorded 20 years ago, Robinett was hesitant about releasing this and the previous volume as it represented a departure from his normal modus operandi which was more world music based. However, after listening again all these years later he concluded that it wasn't so bad and that it stood up well. You can say that again!

Robinett is in the cool groove that Pass, Kessel and Ellis almost made their own - almost! Our man proves himself more than capable of walking tall  in that exalted company.

A choice selection of standards and jazz classics provide the tools for some near definitive interpretations. Not just by the guitarist but by pianist Gilman who is another mega talent his soloing impressive and, what is important in line-ups of this nature, he doesn't get in the way when comping behind the guitar solos as so often happens when you have two chordal instruments playing.

Bass and drums also have their moments both outstanding, particularly on Miles' Milestones.

Referring back to my review of Volume One which was released last May I find I said just about exactly the same thing then - at least I'm consistent or, some might say, predictable! Whatever, if you bought the previous volume you'll want this one (and vice versa) - they're both quite magical.

Now available on Nefertiti Records.

Yours is my Heart Alone; Like Someone in Love; I Thought About You; On the Street Where You Live; Milestones (original version); Body and Soul; How Am I to Know?; Darn That Dream; I Love You; It Could Happen to You; Monk's Mood; San Francisco Holiday.

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