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Sunday, January 03, 2021

A New Year Sunday Service with Adrian Cox - Jan. 3

Adrian Cox (clarinet, vocals)
Tier 4 restrictions found Adrian Cox flying solo on this first Sunday Service of 2021. Sitting in his kitchen, Cox decided to play tracks from his album Now is Spring. Recorded with his quartet, the album (available on vinyl!) comprises all-original material (compositions by Cox, Cox and pianist Joe Webb and the quartet). As is the norm, dozens of fans were online, prayer book in hand, hanging on preacher Cox's every word. Ballads, blues, rags, Cox mixed it up. Kettle over his right shoulder, microwave over his left, an arrangement of flowers behind him, Cox couldn't have been more relaxed. 
Shooting the Breezy for starters, our man happily reunited with his Luis Rossi which had been in the care of the clarinet doctor. Tempting, inspired by Temptation Rag, is a number Cox's quartet takes at a lick. Sitting on his own, Cox said he'd take it at a slightly slower tempo. He did, but only just! Terrific! Cox's father is a toy train buff, so much so he built one in his garden. Cox wrote a tune about it titled Graham's Train and, sure enough, we heard Jimmy Giuffre's famous line. Take Me Home featured the first of today's vocals. Very much in a New Orleans' vein, Cox playing clarinet and singing is always a Sunday Service highlight. Cox's hero, Edmond Hall, invariably gets a look in and today was no exception as our man played Up Jumped Ed.

Next week (Jan 8) Cox will be live streaming from Toulouse Lautrec in the company of 2016 BBC Young Jazz Musician of the Year finalist pianist Noah Stoneman, bassist Daisy George and drummer Jas Kayser.            

Set list: Shooting the BreezyUpper Street SerenadeTemptingUrban HymnGraham's TrainTake Me Home*;  SweetDon't Forget to Smile**Up Jumped EdWhere is SpringBluebells and Roses

Take Me Home isn't on the album, it's a tune written with fellow clarinetist Giacomo Smith.
** Don't Forget to Smile , another number not on the album but it'll be on the next one (with string quartet, no less!).    

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