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Vieux Carre Jazzmen - The Holystone, Whitley Road, North Tyneside NE27 0DA. Tel: 0191 266 6173. 1:00pm. Free.

Abbie Finn Trio - Prohibition Bar, Pink Lane, Newcastle NE1 5DW. 8:00pm. Free (donations). Limited capacity (upstairs). It’s Abbie’s birthday!

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Alice Grace & Pawel Jedrzejewski - Prohibition Bar, Pink Lane, Newcastle NE1 5DW. 8:00pm-10:00pm. £10.00. Online booking (to book a table). Limited capacity. Alice & Pav join a multi-bill of entertainers (magician etc) to celebrate Prohibition Bar’s fifth anniversary. SOLD OUT!

Thursday, October 01, 2020

JTQ (James Taylor Quartet) @ Ronnie Scott's - Oct. 1

James Taylor (Hammond, vocals); Mark Cox (guitar); Andrew McKinney (bass guitar); Pat Illingworth (drums).

The groove was in! No doubt about it. Just as he rocked Hoochie a couple of years back JT did the same at Ronnie's. Well, it wasn't quite the same. There's a difference between sitting at home as opposed to being close up to the stage in a club and getting the whole nine yards full on. Will we ever experience those euphoric moments again? Who knows ...?

Having said that, Taylor and co put on a good show. The leader's forearm smashes almost rendering the Hammond into submission without losing momentum. Guitar, bass and drums kept up putting their own input into the mix. 

It was familiar stuff, Booker T, Billy Preston, Brother Jack etc. their spirits were hovering above keeper James from straying on to the straight and narrow. Straight and narrow ain't his bag!

For the encore I turned the volume up to 10 which brought the band near enough into the living room. I'm not sure if it was Illingworth's drums or the next door neighbour banging on the wall! If it was the guy next door he's got a great sense of rhythm! 

Nothing that will go down in posterity but posterity is pretty overcrowded anyway. Suffice to say it got the old adrenaline circulating and...

...if you want more adrenaline circulating then Gerry Richardson will be doing his own demolition job at The Globe on Sunday night along with Garry Linsley on sax, Rod Sinclair on guitar, Paul Smith on drums and Graham Hare on congas. It's live streamed or, if you get in sharpish, you may be able to grab yourself a table at the Co-op HQ. Go to the venue's website to book.


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