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Saturday, January 09, 2021

Marcus Bonfanti & Dave Archer live-streaming from Kansas Smittys - Jan. 9

Marcus Bonfanti (guitar/vocal); Dave Archer (guitar).

(Screenshot by Russell)

Well, after Newcastle got turned over by Arsenal during the latter stages of extra time in the third round of the FA Cup I guess an evening of blues was what I needed to sooth the savaged breast and that is just what Kansas Smittys' delivered. 

The appeal of the old country blues songs, as the KS presenter pointed out, is the wonderful stories they tell. In her live-streamed sessions during the first lockdown, Lindsay Hannon explored that theme in detail.
Tonight, Bonfanti travelled those same dusty roads and byways singing in a voice that suggested he'd hopped many an eastbound freighter, slept in a few hollow logs as well as, as in the first song, asked someone to Make me a Pallet on the Floor.

With Dave Archer playing slide/bottleneck guitar, the music sounded as authentic as anything you're likely to hear north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

An interesting alternative to KS's normal fayre.


Numbers played included Hesitation Blues; Green Green Rocky Road; Deep River Blues; Tell Old Bill; Lion (John Fahey); John Henry/Working For my Lord (Fahey); Candyman; Lonesome Tune; Samson and Delilah.

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NeilC said...

Went to see Marcus Bonfanti a few years back at the Cluny but whilst this was acoustic he was "electrified" at the Cluny . A really competent Blues Man one of the new breed alongside the likes of Aynsley Lister and Errol Linton . As you say not KS normal fayre but refreshing change.

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