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Thursday February 25



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Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Kansas Smitty's live streaming into 2021 (starting tonight, Tuesday 5)

Kansas Smitty's five-nights-a-week live stream showcase gigs resume in earnest this week. Following a brief break over the festive period it's a return to business as usual. The collective's core musicians plus friends play a broad range of material, no two nights are the same. Tonight (Tuesday 5) it's the quartet of Alec Harper (tenor sax), Will Barry (piano), Tom Farmer (bass) and drummer Will Cleasby
Tomorrow (Wednesday) it's the trio of Will Arnold-Foster (guitar),  Farmer (bass) and drummer Jas Kayser. Thursday sees the return of Harper and Barry to play a duo set inspired by the 1991 Stan Getz-Kenny Barron album People Time (recorded shortly before Getz's death). Harper is on duty again on Friday, as is Barry. The boys will be joined by the girls, Daisy George (bass) and Jas Kayser (drums), four great players. To end the week (Saturday) at Kansas Smitty's, it looks as though we'll get something a little different. Guitarist Dave Archer will be joined by fellow six-stringer Marcus Bonfanti. Archer is a key figure at Smitty's, Bonfanti is known as a blues player (fronting Ten Years After, no less). A busy week.      

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Russell said...

An update on Friday's live stream. A change in the line-up sees Adrian Cox (clarinet) and Noah Stoneman (piano) joining Daisy George and Jas Kayser.

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