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Friday, January 01, 2021

Identity Parade

Whilst browsing the BSH archives I came across this photo  of the Betty Smith Quintet with comedian Jimmy Edwards on tuba. Also in the picture is the band's drummer, a very young Ian Forbes (fifth from the left) .

The caption, signed by Edwards, reads "You start I'll meet you halfway."

Here's another photo of the band, this time without Jimmy Edwards. I don't recognise  the other musicians apart from Betty but the pianist looks a little bit like Brian Lemon who did play with the band at one time. Can anyone identify the bass and guitar players as well as the pianist if it isn't Brian Lemon? 

And maybe put a date to the picture. I'd ask Ian himself, but I seem to have lost his email address.



Patti said...

I can't help with other details, but just thought I'd say that I like the fact that Jimmy Edwards is wearing his 'Whack-O' mortar board! Didn't know he played the tuba though!

Cormac Loane said...

In the second Betty Smith photo, the bass player is Betty’s husband, Jack Peberdy. I worked with them both on the boats in 1979 - by that stage, Jack was no longer the bass player, but was arranger and MD - a great musician!

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