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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Adrian Cox's Sunday Service with Joe Webb - Nov. 8

Adrian Cox (clarinet, vocals); Joe Webb (piano) 

Another Sunday Service from Toulouse Lautrec featuring Adrian and Joe. I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan for starters with pianist Joe Webb ever so slightly out of shot. Online chat soon resolved the matter as Adrian noted the message and made the necessary adjustment to the camera set-up before taking his seat once more to sing a chorus. Joe now in shot, our duo launched into a second request - it would be an hour of requests - with a super-swift Swing That Music
To say Adrian Cox is fleet of finger doesn't quite convey the extent of his mastery of his instrument, the clarinet. The first of three Jelly Roll Morton numbers - Dead Man Blues - reaffirmed the opinion of Adrian's talents. A couple of years ago Adrian's quartet undertook an extensive tour to promote hii Profoundly Blue album. Introducing Edmond Hall's Rose in Her Window, Adrian recalled the band's NYC gig but, inexplicably, forgot to mention a hugely successful date in Berwick upon Tweed!  JRM number two - Why - with a second marvellous vocal from Adrian accompanied by Joe's left hand honky-tonk piano playing. Excellent!  

The Pearls completed the trio of JRM numbers requested by a regular supporter, then George Lewis' St Philip Street Breakdown, again, tremendous. Noting one hundred and ten people were watching, Adrian joked: Haven't you anything better to do?! And to close, All I Do the Whole Night Through is Dream of You. Next week, same time, one o'clock. Unmissable.  

Set list: I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan; Swing That Music; Dead Man Blues; Rose in Her Garden; Dawn on the Desert; I Got it Bad and That Ain't Good;  Why; New Orleans Hula; The Pearls; St Philip Street Breakdown; Upper St. Serenade; All I Do the Whole Night Through is Dream of You  

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