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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Strictly Smokin' Live stream 1 - Nov. 8

Alice Grace (vocals); Graham Don (piano); Pete Tanton (trumpet).

Let's get the negative things out of the way first.

For most of the session the camera seemed to be slightly out of focus. At first I thought I needed new glasses but, by the end it seemed to have sharpened up. The house upright sounded slightly out of tune and, particularly in the upper register, was reminiscent of an Edwardian music hall. This was no reflection on Graham Don - when you're a pianist you work with the tools you are given - who accepted the challenge and played brilliantly.

Now to the positive side! Alice was as good as, if not better than  expected under the circumstances coping with the empty room, the off-key piano and the absence of 16 men swinging behind her. At least, for once, she wasn't drowned out! Pete was relatively subdued - as an ex American he should have been shooting for the moon - nevertheless, for subtle, muted horn-playing there's few more sympathetic players than he.

Given the setting it was still enjoyable and, had there been even a handful of listeners in the room knocking back a beer or two and providing the performers with the feedback they need in the form of loud applause and the occasional whoop and a holler it would have raised the game even higher! Still, in these times ....

Tune in again next week for some more Strictly Smokin' music from Graham and Alice, this time with Steve Summers and Michael Whent.


Cantaloupe Island (instrumental); Teach me Tonight; Two Darn Hot; My Baby Just Cares For me (when is somebody going to update those lyrics?); Sway; Song For my Father (instrumental); Here's That Rainy Day (piano solo); Jeepers Creepers; Route 66

1 comment :

NeilC said...

I really enjoyed it , particularly as we are to be excluded from Live music for this month but hopefully not beyond . I am glad you confirmed that the Piano requires an urgent tuning, though that would appear unlikely in coming week . At first I thought it was my less than attuned ear. I felt heartily sorry for Graham battling against it though he proved himself the consummate musician we all know he is.

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