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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Live stream - Kansas Smitty plays Roy Hargrove's "Earfood". Nov. 7

Giacomo Smith (alto sax); Dylan Jones (trumpet/flugel); Reuben James (piano); Ferg Ireland (bass); Luca Caruso (drums).

When in doubt, Kansas Smitty's will help you out and such was the case tonight - especially tonight!

The Broadway Market mob are recreating legendary albums and tonight, the choice was Roy Hargrove's 2008 album Earfood.

Earfood, the original album, was indeed just that and Smitty's boys added their own ingredients to the recipe - if only they could convert this to mouth food!

I have a lasting memory of hearing Hargrove at Union Chapel in Islington a few years back and, tonight, Dylan Jones did the late great trumpet player proud. Jones, on his upturned bell Dizzy style trumpet, has the fire of Roy  as well as the cool, relaxed lyricism that the legend showed on flugel.

Giacomo, as always, staked his claim as one of the UK's top alto saxists - I know it's a crowded field but he's in there pitching with the best (or should that be vice versa?).

What a rhythm section! James takes a hint or two from Monk, Cecil Taylor and Jarrett without losing his own identity. Ireland is as solid and dependable as always and Caruso is another rising star to remember when you're ticking off your choices in the next jazz election.

I didn't catch all of the numbers - as usual, I'd done the rounds beforehand - but the ones I did catch/recognise were: I'm Not So Sure; The Stinger; Mister Clean; Style; Bring it on Home & Strasbourg-St. Denis. Smitty describing the latter as "a tune that's been ruined at so many jam sessions". It certainly wasn't ruined here!

The streams continue to flow from Tuesday to Saturday and among the albums covered in the days to come are The Jimmy Giuffre 3 and Stan Getz with Johnny Smith.

Next week, Kansas Smitty's looks to be the best place to be this side of the White House - maybe the safest too!


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