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Monday, November 23, 2020

Kansas Smitty's live streaming from the EFG LJF 2020

The last leg, the final night of this year's EFG London Jazz Festival. A Kansas Smitty's special with the house band (a septet) in situ. An original to start, written by bassist Ferg Ireland, titled Impulses. Another new one with an Afrobeat feel maintained the momentum. Alec Harper's Two Dancers evoked the tango, slow, real slow. From the louche to Ornette territory. Was it Ornette? The Main Man, Giacomo Smith, somewhat inconsiderately failed to mention the title, no matter. Probably 'after O. Coleman'. 

The closing number, again unannounced, suggested the Jimmy Giuffre Trio with a blues feelin'. The feelin' created first by Smith, then the excellent Alec Harper, all of it underpinned by guitarist Dave Archer's insistent riff. And that was it. 

Giacomo Smith (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax); Dylan Jones (trumpet); Alec Harper (tenor sax); Dave Archer (guotar); Joe Webb (piano); Ferg Ireland (double bass); Will Cleasby (drums).

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