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Sunday, November 01, 2020

Adrian Cox's Sunday Service Bechet Special from Toulouse Lautrec, London - Nov. 1

Adrian Cox (clarinet, vocals); Joe Webb (piano) 

Hot! Hot! Hot! These guys are great live and this afternoon's live stream came a close second to the 'real thing'. Cox, recently returned from a trip to Scandinavia, once again made good use of Toulouse Lautrec's piano with Joe Webb rattling the 88s. From Milenburg Joys to Si Tu Vois, Ma Mère, Cox proved, if proof were needed, that he is one of the clarinet greats of his generation. 
Cox and Webb ran headlong into Running Wild, the duo remarkably fluent, sheet music not required, they knew the number inside out. Cox sang, no mic, cupped hand hollerin' into the virtual void. Marvellous stuff. Today's subject - Sidney Bechet - recorded Kansas City Man Blues way back in 1923. Cox sure can play a mean blues, likewise his sparring partner Webb. The sheer enthusiasm Cox generates is infectious and both Webb and the online audience responded accordingly - pianist Webb at the top of his game, the eighty plus virtual contingent posting approving comments second-by-second.

Cox comes across as a canny bloke: casual, engaging, favouring enthusiasm over expertise when talking about Bechet's recording sessions, his contemporaries and well-documented European sojourn. Cue Claude Luter, Paris and Moulin à Café. Monty Sunshine tango-ing to Petite Fleur, a dedication to Adrian's sister produced a highlight - I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate with superb vocals - then another highlight (the Sunday Service is one big highlight) in the form of a scintillating That's a Plenty

Time for two more - Jazz Me Blues then, taking it down, and out, Si Tu Vois, Ma Mère. To coin a favourite Keith Nichols' phrase, 'tear arse' can be readily applied to Cox. The up tempo tune holds no fears and, when the occasion demands, balladry is well within his compass. Cox and Webb are great value, as and when they're out gigging again make a point of catching them, you won't be disappointed.        

Today's setlist: Milenberg Joys ; Running Wild; Kansas City Man Blues; Buddy Bolden Stomp; Moulin à Café; Petite Fleur; I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate; That's a Plenty; Jazz Me Blues; Si Tu Vois, Ma Mère   

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