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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Nicholas Payton - Black American Music and the Jazz Tradition

Guitarist Francis Tulip drew my attention to this article from trumpet player Nicholas Payton's own website. Francis suggested that It might be worth a share as it's important stuff.

He's right and, although posted in 2014, it's as relevant today as it was then - maybe more so. What's for sure it will provoke discussion.

And, whilst you're there go to his home page and catch up on some more of Payton's writings.

Remember those moments when you've picked up a book and couldn't put it down? Well this is that very book...

Thank you Nicholas, thank you Francis.

1 comment :

NeilC said...

Thank you for posting Lance it does indeed promote thought. All genres of music have historically controlled by the few, just look at the influence the 60's band Managers had to not only make or break a group but in many many cases cream off all the money to the point when the group turned around and there was nothing left [the Small Faces et al for example] and the same applies in Jazz and indeed all forms of music. The people making the music , the talent, had absolutely no control over their success but thankfully there was change over the years , the artist now has so much more creative control .

Radio and now TV had a great influence on who made it and who didn't as does the written press. Pick up any paper and you will see reviewers plugging not only who they like but also probably musicians they find abhorrent but want to promote them as the next big thing because there is kudos in doing so . Sadly Music is allied to Racism and has been for time immemorial , how rife it is now is hard to accurately discern but it certainly and depressingly is still an ever present.

Before people shoot me down in flames I will hold my hands up and state that if you considered my knowledge on this subject then I have to say it is negligible but the article does spur me to read more and perhaps next time I will be able to express a more coherent and informed response to this type of post.

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