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Saturday, May 02, 2020

Not exactly Birdland - or is it?

Bill Gallon sent me this photo of the original New Orleans Club in Melbourne St., Newcastle. He wonders if it is the only photo in existence or are there other photos taken inside during a session?

PS: Is that bird on the ledge above the door significant?

1 comment :

Gordon Solomon said...

Lots of good memories here. It's a mystery how the club was allowed to operate as the building was condemned as unsafe. I remember the roof leaked and the water used to get into the electrics and blow the fuses. However the candles were brought out and everything just carried on. Also some of the stairs were rotten but had thoughtfully been painted white as a warning to avoid them. This worked OK for the males but for the girls with high heels and tight skirts ,it was a nightmare, Having said that, when the club was packed and the band was swinging, the atmosphere really was something.
Incidentally, the pigeon above the door was trained to drop something on the heads of customers who had only bought one beer.

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