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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Musical Healing

Had a cataract operation today. As they wheeled me into theatre my past life was flashing past me and I tried to remember what came after "Our Father..." then, would you believe it but they had an Ella Fitzgerald disc playing in the background?! I've never listened so intently to a record in my life but it worked - the op was a doddle!


The LondonJazz site said...

Lance so pleased to hear you got through it well. Best for quick recovery Seb

Lance said...

Thanks Seb. May SEE you at LJF

Ann Alex said...

Lance, Was Ella singing 'I only have eyes for You'
Other 'eye' songs could be suggested by BSH readers!
Ann Alex

Lance said...

No, actually, Ella was singing "Witchcraft" and I thought the broom in the corner was for sweeping up!

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