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Today Tuesday February 18



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Abbie Finn Trio - Fox Inn, West End Terrace, Hexham NE46 3DB. Tel: 01434 603681. 8:30pm. Free (donations). Hexham Jazz Club.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

River City Jazzmen @ Royal British Legion Club, West Jesmond.

Mike Durham (tpt), Gordon Solomon (tmb), Bill Smith (alt), Keith Stephen (bjo/gtr), Bill Brooks (bs), Fred Thompson (dms/vcl).
"Bourbon St. Parade" kicked things off - it reminded me of the Breda Jazz Festival back in the 1980s when every band, including the RCJ, played that tune just about every set. Only Gordon ("Solly") and Bill Brooks remain from that edition but the tune has stayed with them - honed to perfection over the years. The ubiquitous Fred Thompson turned up again tonight on drums and vocals. He sang, for starters, "Am I Blue?" If you were blue to begin with Fred's easy style coupled with some fine guitar from Keith would soon banish those feelings. Keith stuck mainly with banjo tonight and his "The World Is Waiting for The Sunrise" displayed an awesome technique on that most maligned of instruments.
Guesting on trumpet was Mike Durham - looking and sounding more like Humph every day - Mike slotted in with the band and was particularly impressive on "Treasure Island". Mike reminded me that the Whitley Bay Jazz Festival is almost upon us (Mike is the Guru behind the festival) so keep the weekend of July 12 & 13 free.
Bill Brooks displayed the solemnity once associated with Marshall Walker (former RCJ drummer) whilst doing all the right things at the right time on bass.
What can you say about Bill Smith? 82 year old and still blowing (alto these days).
Finally Gordon Solomon. Leader and trombonist First Class. I hadn't heard "Solly" for many years and I was pleased to note he is no longer a slave to Chris Barber but has mellowed with a smoother sounding voice of his own.
An enjoyable, reasonably attended evening. Photos.

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George Douglass Watt said...

Yet again this blogsite has come up trumps for me. I look forwards to many more visits to West Jesmond - and also to this wonderful jazz emporium with its information by the bucketful.