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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

R.I.P. Steve Race.

Steve Race died on June 22nd. Younger fans may say who? even some of the not so young may consider his connection with jazz to be tenuous but to us 'oldies' his jazz pedigree was impeccable. Not for his piano playing even though it was very good, nor his broadcasting skills (Jazz 625) or even his journalistic ability (Melody Maker).
I remember him mostly as the champion of Dave Brubeck when most of his peers mocked and derided him. I took Steve's side, after all he was a fair old musician himself unlike those armchair critics who can only play dominoes.
Steve stood firmly by his man and time has decreed that Dave has stood its test and vindicated Steve Race for standing by his convictions.
Rest in peace Steve you had 88 good music , not just jazz, filled years.
Lance. Telegraph Obit.

1 comment :

Liz said...

I always enjoyed Steve Race, he was impeccably dressed at all times too. I remember him with Dennis Norden & Frank Muir in a prog where he would play a few bars & they would have to guess the title, was it "My music?"