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Tuesday November 19



Classic Swing - The Ship Inn, Front Street, Monkseaton NE25 8DP. 0191 251 3677. 1:00pm - 3:00pm. Free.



Jazz Jam: Newcastle University Jazz Orchestra - Dun Cow, Brandling Village, Jesmond, Newcastle NE2 4RS. Tel: 0191 338 7981. 7:00pm. Free. All sitters-in welcome.

Acoustic Infusion & Somethin’ Blue - Forum Music Centre, Borough Road, Darlington DL1 1SG. Tel: 01325 363135. 7:30pm (doors 7:00pm). £5.00.

River City Jazzmen - Block & Tackle, Blackthorn Way, Ashington NE63 8NW. Tel: 01670 819845. 8:00pm. £4.00. Featuring Jim McBriarty on sax, clarinet and vocals.

Sarathy Korwar - Sage Gateshead, St Mary’s Square, Gateshead Quays, Gateshead NE8 2JR. Tel: 0191 443 4461.8:00pm. £11.40.

Blues/Soul/Folk etc.

Dan Owen - Old Cinema Launderette, Marshall Terrace, Durham DH1 2HX. 8:30pm. £12.00. + £1.20. bf.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Any One For Tenors? Budvivar @ Northumberland Tennis Club.

Debra Milne (vcl), Stuart Findon, Fiona Littlewood (tenors), Chris Finch (pno), Eddie Nickson (gtr), Jim Crinson (bs), Eric Stutt (dms).
Sweaty bodies and hairy legs congregated in the bar area as the tennis players, in a flurry of pre-SW19 enthusiasm, replaced their lost bodily fluids with the contents of tall glasses of Kronenberg Lager.
Moving away from the Wimbledon Wannabees I was delighted to rub noses with Germaine S. - a breath of fresh air midst those of the more athletic endeavour - she looked good.
Down front, the band were setting up and I joined Russell (and later Cathy & John) for an eagerly anticipated first set.
Debra referred to our table as 'The Jazz Mafia' - I'm sure it was a compliment!
The two tenors give this boppy band a great sound. From the opening "Groovin' High" to the closing "A Train" they were never far from 52nd Street with the masculinity of Stuart's sound contrasting perfectly with the more delicate lines of Fiona (both musically and otherwise). With solid backing from Chris, Eddie, Jim and Eric this was a cohesive unit. Chris and Eddie also did good solo work.
Out front, Debra applied her distinctive vocals to "Night In Tunisia", Oliver Nelson's "Stolen Moments", "Beautiful Love", "You go to My Head", The Jobim tune that I love and can never remember - "Aqua something or other" I guess it has to do with water - Monk's "Well You Needn't", "Four", "Invitation" to mention but a few; none of them easy tunes to sing.
An enjoyable evening; catch Budvivar again at the Chilli on Wednesday (24th).
PS: Thank you Debs for mentioning Bebop Spoken Here. I loved your dress.


Russell said...

A set of good tunes. I like Jim's bass playing; he's heard to greater effect on double bass - but then I think that about any bass player!
Russell (The Jazz Mafia or should that be The Jazz Police ?)

debra said...

Am I going to regret that comment....?

debra said...

The song you like, Lance, is Agua De Beber (Water to Drink).

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