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In the current climate we are doing our best to keep everyone up to date. All gigs, as we all know, are off.

However, good old YouTube has plenty to offer both old and new to help us survive whilst housebound. Plus now is a good time to stock up on your CDs.

Also, keep an eye out for live streaming sessions.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All's Well That End's Well. Take It To The Bridge @ The Chilli.

Dave Weisser (tpt/vcl), Barry Ashcroft (pno), Mick Danby (bs), Eric Stutt (dms). + (pictured) Chris Finch (pno), Nicola Weaver (alto).
The early indication was that tonight was going to make a seance seem like a 'Rave'. The music was fine but the audience was thin and by that I don't mean slim. Then, as if by divine intervention, a boatload of students arrived which quadrupled the numbers and meant the band would have bread on the table tomorrow. It was as if one of the mythical Schmazz coachloads had finally materialised.
A guy called Michael celebrated his birthday and his friends were carousing as if there was no tomorrow.
This meant it was noisy but I like a bit of noise providing it isn't too much. My theory is that jazzers will take more chances in a noisy atomsphere than at one of those pin-drop gigs. Well I certainly would!
Chris and Nicola sat in at this point for "Blue Bossa", "Invitation", "Corcovado", "Up Jumped Spring" and the favourite blues in F - "Blues For Duane".
Turned out to be a good night after all even though Lawrie Brown didn't make it - perhaps he'd overcooked at the Porthole!.
Chapeaux en massé!

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