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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Janusz Carmillo w. Jeremy McMurray Quartet @ Blaydon Jazz Club

Janusz Carmello (pkt tpt/flug), Jeremy McMurray (pno), Roly Veitch (gtr), Pete Stuart (bs), Bill Shield (dms).
This was undoubtedly a game of two halfs. The first which was merely excellent and the second - well I'll tell you about the second later but it was something else.
"September In The Rain" played on flugel made for a mellow toned start. Janusz really has the most perfect sound on flugel that I've ever heard and it wafted gently into the audience who, if they didn't outwardly sigh, must surely have heaved an inward one. "What Is This Thing Called Love?" had a few bop nuances that the hero of the hour threw off effortlessly. He does it all with apparent ease. Roly, Pete and Jeremy soloed impressively, as they did throughout the night, with Janusz on his trademark pocket trumpet slowly stoking the fire.
By interval time the general consensus was "pleasant". It had been a set oozing taste but not a lot in the way of fireworks. Most listeners felt the ambience would have been greater if the hall lights had been lower as was indeed the case when they were dimmed for the recall.
In the second set, the opening "Joyspring" changed any sense of ennui! Janusz gave the old Clifford Brown warhorse the ride of its life and that was only the start! A beautiful "Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square" - (JC jokingly changed it to "Leicester Square") got the heart beating faster and "Careless Love" was far removed from the banjo driven rhythms normally associated with the tune. A few Bossa Novas were interspersed as well as a delightful number in 3/4 time - what did they call it? Janusz invited everyone to waltz although nobody took up the invitation!
The set ended as it begun with more Clifford Brown - "Tiny Kapers". Janusz quoted Brown as his favourite trumpet player and it showed - I'm pleased to say.
Back of the trumpet player the rhythm section gave him solid support as well as handling their own solos with the aplomb and dexterity that their status on the jazz scene deserves. Nice one boys and thanks to Roly for organising the gig which was part of the Blaydon Festival.
PS: How could I forget to mention the trumpet/guitar duet on "My Romance"? Beautiful.


Roly said...

Thanks for the nice words about the gig. It was great to see Janusz again - he is a lovely guy with an impish sense of humour and very wise observations about life. He is great company. I was so glad to get him up here again. His playing still has that magic - it's his tone and feel - you cant teach anyone that.

Dave the Rave said...

Great to hear Janusz again, sounding as strong as ever, and the band solidly behind him. I've identified one of the bossa novas, Lance: It's "Minha Saudade" by Joao Donato of Brazil, who was my upstairs neighbour when I first arrived in L. A. in '65!
You can hear a great version of it on "Cannonball's Bossa Nova"(original 1962 Riverside title), later reissued on Capitol as "Cannonball Adderley With Sergio Mendes & The Bossa Rio Sextet". Sorry I can't help with the 3/4 tune they played. Cheers from Dave The Rave

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