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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alan Glen Trio/Take It To The Bridge/Zoe Gilby

Alan Glen (pno), Lawrence Blackadder (bs), David Carnegie (dms).
Dave Weisser (tpt/vcl), Darren Grainger (ten), Barry Ashcroft (pno), Mark Williams (gtr), Eric Stutt (dms). + David Carnegie (pno), Zoe Gilby (vcl).
Every visit to the Chilli by the Alan Glen Trio produces something special and tonight was no exception although it was rather sad inasmuch as it marked the end of Lawrence Blackadder with the trio - he lives in Cumbria and the travelling is too much.
Nevertheless, all three were at the top of their game with a selection of tunes that would have delighted our lady from York (Liz). These included, "Have you Met Miss Jones", "It's You Or No One", a most ravishing version of "Skylark" and an uptempo "Love Letters" that owed nothing to Ketty Lester. Add Neal Hefti's "Shiny Stockings" and a few other tunes I couldn't put a name to and you have a set that enthralled from start to finish. The ease with which Alan executes the most complex phrases is truly awesome.
It goes without saying that, on his last night, Lawrence soloed superbly whilst David C, not content to solo and boot the whole thing along, later played piano with the Take it to The Bridge Boys giving Barry a break. Barry incidentally has been shorn of his locks and now looks a semi-cool dude. Another dude - a total dude - Mark Williams, who also went under the shears recently, had some fine moments on guitar. He really wailed on the final "Blues in F" ("Duane's Blues").
Eric Stutt socked it to the frontline - he's a rhythm machine with feeling - whilst Jim Crinson put in a good shift on bass, undeterred by Lawrence's performance or the fact that supremo Andy Champion was in the audience. Andy was with Hil and Zoe Gilby and Zoe lent her vocal chords to an excellent "Summer Samba" (or was it "So Nice"? or are they one and the same?).
Dave sang the verse to "Green Dolphin Street" as well blowing a nice, tightly muted, solo. Throughout their two sets Darren blew some lusty tenor. The Sam Jones' number "Unit 7" was made for his big sound
This was a top drawer night and with a decent sized audience (by Chilli standards) that included a few new faces.


Hil said...

Hi Lance the song Zoe sang was

'Wave' written by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Lance said...


Liz said...

This "lady from York" would have been thrilled with all of those numbers. "Shiny stockings" I will always associate with Ella. Incidentally whilst waiting for the film to begin today in our city centre cinema, someone had put on the P.A. system a number by Sarah rare!looking around I could tell I was the only one in that whole sweet rattling audience who appreciated it.

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