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Monday, March 06, 2023

Sunday night @ the Globe: Xhosa Cole's Rhythm-a-ting - March 5

(© Sheila Herrick)
Xhosa Cole (tenor sax); Steve Saunders (guitar); Josh Vadiveloo (double bass); Nathan England Jones (drums)

The downstairs jazz bar at the Globe was packed. The anticipation was high and, unlike those Man U fans who went to Anfield, they weren't disappointed.

A tribute to Thelonious Monk without a pianist could, at first glance, be seen as Abbott without Costello, Romeo without Juliet, Bill without Ben - you name it! However, the Rhythm-a-ting project is aimed at honouring the great man's music rather than just running down some of his jazz standards. They did just that whilst, at the same time, avoiding any suggestion of plagiarism.

It was done brilliantly. The four cool dudes on stage, told us before they'd even started that this was no tee shirt, jeans and trainers outfit but a band who'd show respect to the music in both appearance  and execution - and execute it they did! They nailed it!

(© Ken Drew)
The Globe was transformed into the Five Spot, the venue where Monk played and recorded so many sessions and Xhosa had us feeling we ourselves were there back in the day.

However, this was now and the music came across as relevant as it did then.

Cole blows hard and fast although he can be sensitive when sensitivity is needed. I've Got a Crush on You brought tears to my eyes, not just because it was surely the best, live,  instrumental ballad, of the year so far. Not even because it had a personal significance for me going way back, but because it was just so - beautiful.

(© Ken Drew)
Vadiveloo was featured on Ugly Beauty, exchanged fours with Cole on Criss Cross and with Jones on Trinkle Tinkle. Saunders proved to be the perfect foil for Cole with frequent lengthy solos and Jones drove things along unfazed by the sudden changes of tempo.

Other numbers included Epistrophy and a fantastic In Walked Bud. There was also a Cole original - Andy's Shuffle - dedicated to one of his former teachers the late Andy Hamilton arguably Birmingham's greatest ever jazz musician although, on the strength of this performance, that title could be under threat!

The built in 'encore' was Duke's Come Sunday but the audience demanded more and they got it. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the title was revealed. The 27 bus waits for no one - not even Thelonious Sphere Monk. Lance

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Russell said...

A memorable gig, simple as that.

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