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Monday, March 13, 2023

Album review: Planet D Nonet - Blues to be There

(Collective); R.J. Spangler (bandleader, congas); Michael Zaporski (piano); Trevor Lamb (bass); Sean Perimutter (drums); James O'Donnell (vocal trumpet); Charlie Miller (trumpet); Tbone Paxton (trombone, vocal);  Alexis Colista (alto, sop sax); Christopher Tabacrynski (tenor sax, clarinet); Goode Wyche III (bari sax, clarinet); Alex Harding (bari sax); Ryan Bills (tenor sax); Kasan Belgrave (clarinet).

Please someone, send me some duck eggs to review just so I can vent my spleen! 

My spleen remains distinctly unvented by this splendid interpretation of some of Ellington's 1950s' classics. The soloists capture the mood to perfection and they don't fall asleep as some Ellingtonians were prone to do!

Close your eyes and this is Ellington. The soloists have captured the mood, adding their own personality to it. This is a band I'd love to hear live and, if logistics prevent a UK tour, I'm sure someone, just as Chris Hodgkins did on his recent Humph tribute, could put something similar together. 

I can't single anyone out individually as all the soloists are the cream of Detroit. However, having said that, maybe Charlie Miller just edges it - maybe... Everyone is at the top of their game. Perhaps the top marks should go to Mike Sailors, Walt Szymanski and Jeff Cuny who did the arrangements/transcriptions although, maybe the real plaudits should go back maybe 70 years!

Blues to be There is exactly how this made me feel. I wanted to be there listening to this band. Even more so than when I first heard Ellington's original recording of the title tune on Duke's legendary Newport 56 recording - the one where Gonsalves gets a bit long-winded! This is magical and the soloists know when to take the mouthpiece out of their gob!

Just as I was wondering if I'd gone over the top in my enthusiasm, they hit VIP's Boogie/Jam With Sam! OMG! this was it! If they can't make it to Newcastle then I'm off to Detroit - my Chevrolet's ancestry is there and so is much of this music. Motown it ain't! My town it is - at least for 67 minutes! If you only buy one album this year, unless it's the Best of the BBC (limited edition), This is the one - Luv it! Lance


Spacemen; Pie Eye's Blues; Chinoiserie; Blues to be there; Moon Maiden; the Swingers Get the Blues Too; Blow by blow; tigress; Almost Cried; Purpel Gazelle; Way Early Subtone; Take the A Train; U.M.M.G; Bonga; Moonbow; VIP's Boogie/Jam With Sam.

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