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Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Album review: Five-Way Split - All the Way

Quentin Collins (trumpet); Vasilis Xenopoulos (tenor, soprano sax); Rob Barron (piano); Mátáyas Hofecker (bass); Matt Home (drums).

Although the album isn't released until March 17, those of you hanging out within the sound of Bow Bells can catch Five-Way Split at the Crypt Jazz Club on Friday (March 3). Even if you live further afield, like maybe the planet Mars, the trip, on the strength of this album, will still be worth it.

It's that good!

How could it not be with such a line-up?

This is hard bop for today. Art Blakey delivered the message, Five-Way Split received it, decoded it and added their own stamp.

On tenor and soprano (although the latter horn isn't mentioned in the notes) Vasi swings as only he can and it's fair to say that north east jazz fans won't argue with that! In Quentin Collins he has the ideal front-line partner. The pair capture the idiom to perfection. That they do this without sounding in anyway dated is a credit to themselves and to the material - 3 by Collins, 2 each by Vasi and Barron and a couple of covers.

One of Vasi's originals, San Sebastian, had a special meaning for me. The city in Spain's Basque country will forever be close to my heart and this composition did nothing other than to enhance those feelings.

A great rhythm section that, and dare I say it?, because of its less in your face approach offered a more subtle alternative to that of the Jazz Messengers. There's room for both and this band, when judgement day comes, will be up there with them. Highly recommended. Lance

Available from March 17 on Ubuntu Music - UBU0129.

Out of Wayne's Bag; Lingua Franca; Mr Birthday Waltz; All the Way; Asymphonatic; Evidently; Theme For Ernie; San Sebastian; Flattening the Curve

1 comment :

Mike Farmer said...

This album looks like one worth getting. You mentioned the track San Sebastian which reminded you of your visit there. I spent some time there with a couple of friends and unfortunately we had just missed the Jazz Festival which we unaware of. After finding a camp site we drove into the town and they still had banners advertising the festival showing saxman Hal Singer as the main attraction. We got caught up in a police road block due to ETA activity but I thought the place was one of the most beautiful towns I have visited in spite of the political situation at the time.

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