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Sun 02: Smokin' Spitfires @ The Cluny. 12:45pm.
Sun 02: 4B @ The Exchange, North Shields. 3:00pm.

Mon 03: Harmony Brass @ Cullercoats Crescent Club. 1:00pm.

Tue 04: Paul Skerritt @ The Rabbit Hole, Hallgarth St., Durham DH1 3AT. 7:00pm. Paul Skerritt's (solo) weekly residency.
Tue 04: Jam session @ Black Swan, Newcastle Arts Centre. 7:30pm. House trio: Bradley Johnston (guitar); Paul Grainger (double bass); Abbie Finn (drums).

Wed 05: Vieux Carré Jazzmen @ Cullercoats Crescent Club. 1:00pm.
Wed 05: Darlington Big Band @ Darlington & Simpson Rolling Mills Social Club, Darlington. 7:00pm. Rehearsal session (open to the public).
Wed 05: 4B @ The Exchange, North Shields. 7:00pm.
Wed 05: Take it to the Bridge @ The Globe, Newcastle. 7:30pm.

Thu 06: Vieux Carré Jazzmen @ The Holystone, Whitley Road, North Tyneside. 1:00pm. Free.
Thu 06: Thursday Night Prayer Meeting @ The Globe, Newcastle. 7:30pm. Donations. Feat. John Pope, Marie Shreer, John Garner.
Thu 06: Merlin Roxby @ Prohibtion Bar, Newcastle. 8:00pm. Ragtime piano. A 'Jar on the Bar' gig.
Thu 06: Darlington Big Band @ Dorman's Club, Middlesbrough. 8:30pm. Note earlier start time.

Fri 07: Classic Swing @ Cullercoats Crescent Club. 1:00pm.
Fri 07: New Orleans Preservation Jazz Band @ Oxbridge Hotel, Stockton. 1:00pm. £5.00.
Fri 07: Rendezvous Jazz @ The Monkseaton Arms, Monkseaton. 1:00pm.
Fri 07: Gaz Hughes Trio @ Saltburn Community Hall. 7:30pm.
Fri 07: Mark Toomey Quartet @ Traveller's Rest, Darlington. 8:00pm. £8.00.
Fri 07: Finntet + Zoë Gilby & Andy Champion @ Bobik's, Punch Bowl, Newcastle. 8:00pm. JNE.
Fri 07: TBA @ Prohibition Bar, Newcastle. 8:00pm. A 'Jar on the Bar' gig. Blind Pig Blues Club.

Sat 08: Me Lost Me + Ceitidh Mac + Heather Ferrier @ Bobik's, Punch Bowl, Newcastle. 7:30pm. JNE.
Sat 08: Joseph Carville Trio @ The Vault, Darlington Covered Market, Darlington DL1 5PN. 6:00pm. New venue, live jazz!
Sat 08: Rendezvous Jazz @ Red Lion, Earsdon. 8:00pm. £3.00. RESCHEDULED from last week (Sat 01).
Sat 08: Robbie Reay @ Prohibition Bar, Newcastle. 8:00pm. Acoustic blues. A 'Jar on the Bar' gig.
Sat 08: Anth Purdy @ Mr Tighe's, Bebside, Northumberland. 8:30pm.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Entartete Musik @ The Globe, Newcastle - Jan. 28

(© Pam)
Graham Hardy (trumpet); Faye MacCalman (tenor sax, clarinet); Jason Holcomb (trombone); Emma Fisk (violin); Jamie McCredie (guitar); Andy Champion (double bass); Abbie Finn (drums)

This Brundíbar Arts Festival presentation was something of a departure, this being the first jazz concert to feature in the festival's programming. In his opening remarks, MC Jason Holcomb acknowledged the heavyweight subject matter at the core of the evening's concert, adding that he hoped the swinging charts would be a fitting commemoration of the extraordinary musicians incarcerated during WWII at Terezin and other concentration camps. 

The Globe on Railway Street couldn't have been busier. Row upon row of seats, cabaret style tables, some standing at the back of the room, there was a palpable sense of occasion. Opening with I Got Rhythm, it could be said it was a regulation start. And that's as it should be, the musicians at Terezin (many would lose their lives in the camps) were intent on playing 'entartete musik' (roughly translating to 'degenerate music'), for their own enjoyment, although the music, the jazz, would be exploited by the Nazis for propaganda purposes.

The set list comprised familiar numbers, the horns - Holcomb, Graham Hardy, Faye MacCalman - featuring on the majority of the tunes, the strings - Emma Fisk and Jamie McCredie - on others, notably Nuages. As this is the week of Django Reinhardt's birth (23.1.1013) it couldn't have been more appropriate that the brilliant Emma Fisk (Stéphane Grappelli!) should play such a prominent part. 

Fritz Weiss served as arranger to Terezin's Ghetto Swingers. It is likely Holcomb and the all star ensemble worked from stock arrangements, begging the question: Are any of Weiss' original charts in existence today? All of the numbers were known to the many jazz fans on the premises, perhaps some non-jazz aficionados - of which there appeared to be a few - were hearing them for the first time...It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That SwingMood IndigoStompin' at the SavoyBlue Skies. The frontline and rhythm section (Andy Champion! Abbie Finn!) more than did justice to the material and the occasion. The full house demanded an encore. This being a remembrance of the Ghetto Swingers and others, MC Holcomb said they would reprise the opening number (the Ghetto Swinger's signature tune), I Got Rhythm. It had been a memorable evening. Russell     

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