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Raymond Chandler: “ I was walking the floor and listening to Khatchaturian working in a tractor factory. He called it a violin concerto. I called it a loose fan belt and the hell with it ". The Long Goodbye, Penguin 1959.

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Album Review: Dan Olivo – Day By Day

Dan Olivo (vocals); Ian Robbins (guitar, arr.); Lyman Medeiros (bass/ukulele/vocal);  Joe Bagg (piano/B3); Kevin Winard (drums/perc); Kyle O'Donnell (tenor sax/flute); Jamelle Adisa (trumpet); Garrett Smith (trombone); Renee Myara Cibelli (vocal)

Something a bit different to review from the field of vocal jazz. The aim of the album is to create a 'big band sound' from the small combo listed above, and that aim is achieved admirably, and adds to my jazz education as I noted the difference between big band jazz and other groupings. So we get shorter solos and many duets, snappy precision, and of course a much fuller sound on most tracks. The general feel of the album is cheerful, danceable, an album to play at your next party.

Dan Olivo has a pleasant lightish tone, excellent diction, and, since he is also an actor, he gets his meaning across well. More has a Latin beat with light, playful drumming; It's Only a Paper Moon is introduced 1920s style with Ms Cibelli singing with ukulele accompaniment, then harmony singing, a fun track; then comes an unusual song, This Guy's In Love With You (Bacharach/David) as a heartfelt ballad. The CD is rounded off quite movingly by All the Way, from voice and piano only.

Dan Olivo is a regular performer on the Southern California jazz scene who appears at such venues as The Beverley Hills Hotel and the Frank Sinatra House in Palm Springs. He is an experienced actor from an acting family but he has always liked music and he plays saxophone. This is his debut CD which comprises mainly jazz standards. Check out his website  where you can watch/hear the album's title track. Ann Alex

Available now on Ava Maria Records.

Day By Day; I'm Walkin'; It Had To Be You; More; Time After Time; It's Only a Paper Moon; Sway; How Come You Do Me Like You Do?; L.O.V.E.; This Guy's In Love With You; Come By Me; All the Way


Jim B said...

The worst track is by far... "This Guys In Love With You"I mean how many flat off-key notes can there be in one song??? It is pathetic... Hal David is rolling and Burt is weeping

Lance said...

I seem to recall that Herb Alpert's version had similar imperfections although, no doubt, Hal and Burt rolled and wept all the way to the bank!

Ann Alex said...

i've always prided myself on my sense of pitch so it's probable that I've heard so many off key versions of this song in the past that I cannot tell any more! Thanks for the feedback anyway

Dan said...

"This Guy Is In Love With You" was my favorite track to record. Thank you all for your comments. - Dan Olivo

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