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Friday, November 06, 2020

Rico's Popup Louis - Nov. 6

Rico Tomasso (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals); Simon Picton (guitar, banjo) 

Another in Rico Tomasso's Friday evening 'Popup Louis' sessions. Rico couldn't remember how long he's been doing these live streams but he's enjoyed doing them and promised to continue into the future. Tonight's guest, making a  welcome return, playing guitar and banjo, Mr Simon Picton. The duo would play eight tunes during the course of an hour. 

Rico's modus operandi, with his 1933 balanced action horn in hand, is to address his online audience in his usual affable manner, all the while checking an off-screen monitor to cue up his accompanist's part and take a peek at some of the many on-screen comments posted by his legion of regulars. First up: The Music Goes Round and Round. Rico sang - noting Danny Kaye's performance in The Five Pennies - as Simon double-tracked rhythm and solo guitar parts. 

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (comp. Arlen/Koehler) followed by Sugarfoot Stomp (Picton on banjo) offered a nice contrast in styles. Rico, picking up his flugelhorn, spoke of his liking for Gordon Jenkins' work, so, the duo played When a Woman Loves a Man. Rico thanked Simon for transcribing Oscar Peterson's intro to Ella and Louis' celebrated version of A Fine Romance (Rico's reading of the lyric went slightly awry, confusing potatoes and tomatoes...don't worry, Rico, let's call the whole thing off!).

Four or Five Times has been recorded by many artists, from King Oliver to Bob Wills. Rico said Simon would play banjo on this one and they'd take an off-mic 'band vocal'. They did, it worked. Rico was enjoying himself, he took another slurp from this week's beer, a bottle of Badger's Golden Champion (readily available in shops across Tyneside). 

Rico suggested Wherever There's Love is synonymous with Eddie Condon. Picking up his flugel once more, Rico sure was in mellow mood. And to close, a brisk take on Liza. It had been another good week in the live stream world of Rico Tomasso. More next week when our host will be joined by young pianist Will Barry. BSH has heard Will in concert with Matt Roberts, he's a great player, it'll be good to catch up with him playing a bunch of tunes with Rico. 

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