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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Tuesday Jam Lockdown Video

Tuesday 2 June was the 6th Jam date we have missed since lockdown, and it looks like being some significant time before we can reconvene. 

Sadly, we can’t reproduce the jam online (wi-fi latency preventing us from playing together in the moment).  I managed, however, to get contributions from 22 fantastic musicians and made a video to try and capture some of the spirit of the regular last tune of the evening where all the musicians still in the house join in for a couple of choruses.  

It's not the same as having them all in the same room, with the spirit and atmosphere that develops, but is a reminder of some of the talent we're lucky to have joining us, and hopefully will have at a jam again soon.
Paul Grainger.


Russell said...

Ah! Memories of the Black Swan jam sessions. Familiar faces, the signature sound of each musician, perhaps impresario Mr P Grainger will put out a JATBS (Jazz at the Black Swan) EP/CD. I'm sure many would happily pay a fiver with any monies raised (less production costs) going to an appropriate charity.

Patti said...

Ohhhh - please ..... let the good times roll again. This is a wonderful reminder of what we miss so much - big thanks to Paul for putting all this together - and to all you lovely musicians for taking part.

NeilC said...

This evokes memories of much happier times and soon may they return . Thank you so much to the Musicians and Mr G for compiling this video it is very much appreciated . Keep well and stay safe all.

Abbie said...

Thanks for putting this together Paul! Looking forward to playing with you all in person soon :)

JEN said...

Well done Paul for pulling this together. A great reminder of happier times! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How much are we all missing the Tuesday Jam? Massively is my response.

Paul that was fantastic, the complexity of putting the jam together is beyond me, great job. also a big thankyou to all the musicians who took part.

The yearning to get back to a live jam just gets greater after seeing this video.

Ron Ainsborough

Unknown said...

How nice to hear some 'LIVE' music. Well done Paul- great editing!
All the best, Jenny L

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