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Monday, July 22, 2019

Paul Edis/John Garner Duo/Nathan Lawson @ Blaydon Jazz Club – July 21

Paul Edis (piano); John Garner (violin)
(Review/photos by Roly)

We all know that  Paul Edis is a Bill Evans devotee but here, he was joined by kindred spirit John Garner, a cross genre virtuoso violinist equally at home with the classical world (Royal Northern Sinfonia, Guastalla Quartet) and contemporary jazz. They played two fine acoustic sets, no need to turn up the volume here. Quiet, lyrical beauty doesn’t need mega decibels. The tunes, a mix of Evans’ compositions and Edis/Garner originals with an Evans’ flavour. This duo, I’m told, is the beginning of a new project – watch this space!
 Set List - Re: Person I Knew, Elsa, Walkin Up, Peace Piece, Nardis, 34 Skidoo, For Bill, Jade Visions, B Minor Waltz (For Ellaine), Lucky to Be Me, Laurie, and Childrens’ Play Song and, to finish, Nathan Lawson joined the duo on a blues – Tenor Madness.

Nathan Lawson (guitar)
Earlier, Nathan had opened the evening with a solo set that totally enthralled the audience. Playing with maturity and a refined sense of harmony (sophisticated chordal work, contrapuntal lines, bass lines, it was all there) the young guitarist gave us a set of delightful material.

A mix of orthodox jazz guitar chord melody playing, mixed with flamboyant Chet Atkins’ style renditions using the Travis picking bass lines as perfected by Atkins. And, all put over with charming and informed comment about the songs, the style, etc. A product of the Sage Gateshead Weekend Jazz Course, tutored by Dr. James Birkett, I’m sure you will be hearing a lot more of this engaging and mature young man (age 18).
Set list - Quiet Nights, Bye Bye Blues, Tenderly, I Got Rhythm, I'll See You in My Dreams and We'll Meet Again.

All in all a unique and delightful evening of jazz ending with, of all things, a Country & Western fan wearing a stylish hat wandering into the room and asking if Buddy Rich was playing as he wanted a ‘quiet word in his ear’.
Roly V.


Russell said...

I wish I could've been there. Good to know Paul and John plan to do it again sometime. And how good is Nathan, eh?

Patti said...

I wish I could've been there too! I would have, had it not been my knee replacement just a few days ago. Anyway, this one sounds absolutely fantastic - Paul's playing I know well, of course, but I'd like to have heard him with the violin of John Garner - I heard him once at a Jazz Cafe jam. Young Nathan I've heard a couple of times at Ushaw - and was mightily impressed then.

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