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Saturday, July 20, 2019

k.d.lang Ingénue Redux 25th Anniversary Tour @ Sage Gateshead.

k.d.lang (vocals/guitar); Daniel Clarke (keys/accordion); David Piltch (bass guitar/double bass); Grecco Burrato (guitars); Rich Hinman (pedal steel/guitar); Andrew Borgen (drums); Tahira Memory (vocals); Moorea Masa (vocals/guitar).
(Review by Lance).

What to expect? Not jazz for a start although, in all modern music, be it pop/rock/country/soul/funk/contemporary classical or improv., the jazz element is there. It may be submerged - you just have to look (and listen) for it.

k,d,lang isn't by any stretch of the imagination a jazz singer and yet, given k.d.'s vocal range and power, could certainly help out when they (the jazzers) are busy.

Where last night's jazz crept in was in the solos from pedal steelist Hinman (a vinyl collector who's latest acquisition, he told us, was an Ornette Coleman album - a name that meant little to the audience), Keyboarder Clarke who switched seamlessly from B3 to Steinway(?) to accordion and bass boss Piltch - all topnotchers.

But we weren't looking for needles in haystacks, the 3-levels-full Sage One audience were present to worship their idol which they did with a standing ovation and two encores the last one being my favourite k.d. number - Sleeping Alone

The bulk of the programme centred around a reworking of the album Ingénue a massive hit from 1992. Redux was added to the title for the tour to signify its 25th anniversary - they've been on the road awhile.

Excellent as it was, I preferred the songs that came before and after the album tracks - not least because these were accompanied by lots of banter and camp humour.


Leonard Grigoryan (guitar).
Earlier, when only one half of the Grigoryan Brothers, appeared on stage my mind went back to when Freddie Garrity (Freddie and the Dreamers) was paid off at Leam Lane Club, just down the road in Felling, for turning up without his Dreamers. No such fate befell Leonard Grigoryan who explained, jokingly, that his brother had been deported back to Australia. Leonard did okay without his sibling and gave a stunning classical guitar recital. The audience sat in awe of his technique and he sold many CDs afterwards (see photo).

Roosevelt Collier.
Even earlier, on the Concourse Stage, pedal steel Florida bluesman Collier cranked up the volume and had the free area rockin' and rollin'. It was loud and funky - note to Warren - book him into Hoochie!


Shepherdlass said...

I think more of the audience were hip to Ornette Coleman than you realised, Lance. There was certainly a sizable ripple of appreciation at his name check from where we were sat, up on the cheap seats.

NeilC said...

I was there for Roosevelt Collier what a set and what a musician , Don Helms , Hank Williams pedal steel guitarist ,would have been gobsmacked at the sound coming from that guitar , one fantastic set with such accomplished supporting musicians. Earlier in the day on the outside stage there was a real treat with local band Struggle Buggy who provided great music and humour to the delight of the crowd .

Jude Murphy (on F/b) said...

Loved, loved, loved this gig. A complete vocal masterclass: passionate, witty, and fluid. And the band: absolutely marvellous balance of less-is-more groove, and sheer brilliance in the solos. Had forgotten how very much I adore the entirety of the Ingenue album too: what a collection of songs. Still on a high from witnessing it.

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