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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Jam Session @ the Black Swan - July 23

(Review/PHOTOS by Lance)

School was out, the students dispersed across the land. Outside they were frying eggs on the pavement - it was sizzling - so it seemed likely that the Black Swan would be a dead duck last night. Quite the opposite in fact as a goodly throng of both players and listeners turned out for another fine jam session.

The house trio set the ball rolling with Four, On Green Dolphin Street and Tenderly setting it up for the first of the blowers, Neville Hartley and Tangerine followed by Out of Nowhere. Not quite from out of nowhere came Faye Thompson and It Could Happen to You. Faye, blowing tenor, stayed on board   for Jen Errington who demanded All or Nothing at All - the audience chose the former option - so, with John Settle on drums, continued with Meditation. Settle, a first time visitor, is from Wakefield. He, like Jen, impressed.

ML MD SSBB which, translated, means Michael Lamb Musical Director Strictly Smokin' Big Band, Giles Strong and Owen Jones had a blast on I Love You and Beautiful Love. Debra stepped up to the plate for It Don't Mean a Thing which did have that swing. Debs scatted and exchanged fours whilst Michael Lamb took what may have been the chorus of the night!

The singers kept-a-comin' - some all the way from Hartlepool which, as Ronnie Scott may have quipped, is a good place to come from. The first  Hartlepudlian was Jan who delivered Angel Eyes with the sensitivity the Matt Dennis song deserves then, with John Rowland, one of the many wearing shorts this balmy evening, giving her some solid tenor sax support, dazzled on Night and Day.

Astronaut Ray Burns brought us down to Earth with Fly me to the Moon singing, scatting and blowing harmonica - Neil Armstrong lives!

More space travel as Niffi soared off into an Orange Colored Sky. Another SSBB member out on parole was 'bonist Parnaby who helped Niffi to Let the Good Times Roll. Alec J was on guitar but either hadn't plugged in or turned up the volume sufficiently.

Ben Lawrence played knock out piano on Someday My Prince Will Come and the Strictly Smokin' Duo blew Doxy apart.

Bob Caswell - also from Hartlepool - occupied the final allotted guest spot and sang Misty with some harp help from Burnsy then, after consultation with Stu, a fine Witchcraft which lead us up towards the bewitching hour where Straight No Chaser was the clarion call that rallied the troops from the trenches for the final onslaught. Two tenors, two trombones, trumpet and rhythm with a cameo from Niffi. When I arrived it was sizzling outside and it was sizzling inside as I left but, then again, it always is.

The good news is that, according to their website, the Black Swan jams, unlike in previous years at 'the old place', will continue throughout the summer.
Paul Grainger (bass); Stu Collingwood (piano); Matt MacKellar (drums) + Faye Thompson, John Rowland (tenor saxes); Neville Hartley, Kieran Parnaby (trombones); Michael Lamb (trumpet); Owen Jones (bass); Giles Strong, Alec J. Gamble (guitars); John Settle (drums); Jen Errington, Jan Spencelayh, Debra Milne, Niffi Osiyemi, Bob Caswell (vocals); Ray Burns (vocals/harmonica).

1 comment :

Patti said...

What a storming session this must have been - they're often full of surprises - but maybe this one more than most, in terms of the musician sitters in! And I had to miss it - oh well, the next one? I hope so - new knee permitting! But how wonderful to have this in the Toon - and to continue on a regular basis. It's a real treat for us jazz lovers who are listeners, and for the musicians, who often travel a considerable distance for this opportunity.

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